McLuhan Centenary Celebration Committee Meeting


Minutes of the June 29 McLuhan Centenary Celebration Committee held at the sLab from 3 to 5 at OCAD


Respectfully submitted by Bob Logan

In attendance were: Robin Styba, Frieda Luk, Agnes Kuchio, Peter Jones, Joel Alleyne, Alex Kuskis, Stefan Illias, Don Gilles, David McNabb, Dominique Scheffel-Dunand,  Marnie Landon, Lynne Alexandrova and Sal Greco. Numerous regrets were sent

The next meeting is scheduled for 4 pm (note the time change) at the sLab OCAD (Suite 600 at 100 McCaul)

Bob Logan reported on our collaboration with events in Berlin (McLuhan in Europe), Brussels. Barcelona, Winnipeg, and Edmonton

Stefan Ilias of Direct Engagement reported on his series of TV shows for C-span and Rogers planned for next fall, which will feature McLuhan content.

Alex Kuskis reported on the Media Ecology Assoc annual meeting in Orono Maine and the plans for the MEA meeting in 2011 in Edmonton focusing on McLuhan.

Dave McNabb indicated his interest in doing something on social media and business. If you are interested in working with Dave on this project please contact him at

Special mention must be made of Don Gilles who knew Marshall personally. Don, a member of the Arts and Letters Club plans to organize a McLuhan event at his Club sometime in the Spring of 2011. Don plans to involve two of Marshall’s contemporary colleagues from the U of T, Peter Russell and Ernest Winkler who are also members of the A&L Club.

Dominique gave an extensive report of her many initiatives she has taken on behalf of the McLuhan Program at the U of T. Her report was so extensive that I was unable to capture all the details but she agreed to post her report separately. She was given a round of applause for her impressive accomplishment.

Sal Greco brought a video made by Liss re her research into the McLuhan legacy that he received from Fraser which will be shared in a limited way for those doing research but not to be shared publicly.

The meeting adjourned at 5 pm.

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