Marshall McLuhan – Edmontonian


This house was the birth home of Marshall McLuhan

Marshall McLuhan: Edmontonian

By Todd Babiak, Friday, Sept. 24, 2010

It’s s little rich to claim Marshall McLuhan as one of ours, but he often said his first experience of perspective was here, not far from his boyhood home in Highlands. Perspective was important to his work. He looked out over the river valley and saw, in the distance, a horse. The horse was so small McLuhan felt it would fit in his nursery.

That nursery was upstairs in a 1,400 square-foot home in Highlands.

2011 is the centenary of McLuhan’s birth, here in Edmonton. I visited the home, whose wonderful owners (Doug and Cheryl Toshack) are thinking about selling. I’ll publish a COLUMN about McLuhan, the house, his legacy and, perhaps, horses, in Saturday’s Journal – in print and online. Twitter will also be involved. What would McLuhan have made of Twitter?

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A short video showing McLuhan’s home in  Edmonton where he was born (Never mind the inadequate explanation of “the medium is the message” and look elsewhere on this blog for a more accurate explanation.

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