BlogTalk Radio Interview: The new media is the new message


Journalist & blogger Kevin Wood talks with University of Toronto’s Brent Wood about the centennial celebrations of Marshall McLuhan’s influence on the 21st century: .

I’ll be hosting one of my occasional Maple Syrup Editions of Virtually Speaking tonight, discussing the work of one of Canada’s most famous thinkers, Marshall McLuhan, with another of our country’s great, if,  somewhat lesser-known, scholars and opinionmakers, University of Toronto professor  Dr. Brent Wood, whose “insights into McLuhan have a great deal of validity.” ( I think he used to teach a course). We will be focusing on McLuhan, but as herr Dr. Prof. Wood is one of my oldest co-conspirators, I suspect our conversation is apt to be fairly broad. He’s also run for office under the Green Party banner and so we may just touch on some Canadian political stuff as well — I know, I know you’re shocked to find gambling here at Rick’s hear I might want to publicly discuss Canadian politics, but I think I’m to the point now where I can do so with a minimum of obscene language, blind rage and frustrated sobbing.

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