Media Ecology Association Twelfth Annual Convention, June 23-26, University of Alberta


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Convention Schedule   –   Media Ecology Association   –   Twelfth Annual Convention   –   June 23-26, 2011   –   University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada   –

The theme of this year’s Convention is “Space, Place, and the McLuhan Legacy.” The theme reflects the University of Alberta’s celebrations in 2011 of  the birth of the influential scholar and public figure Marshall McLuhan in Edmonton, Canada, on July 21, 1911.

 To register: please go to http://mea2011.oorg/registration/

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Registration 8:30 am – 4 pm

Session 1: 9 am – 10:15 am

1A. Media and Place – TEL 236

Moderator: Mary Beckie (University of Alberta)

Keith N. Hampton, University of Pennsylvania. Pervasive Awareness and Network Diversity: How New Media Reinforces Place-Based Social Relationships

Ernane Rabelo, Universidade Federal de Viçosa. Information Behavior and News Evocation: The Case of Mass Communication Students

Antonio Almeida, University of São Paulo, and Juliana de Oliveira Vicentini, University of São Paulo. The Globo Reporter Discourse about the Amazonian Drought

1B. Media and the City – TEL 238

Moderator: Andre Lucena (University of Alberta)

Jack Barwind, Metropolitan State College of Denver. Civility: An Argument for Media Literacy

Helia Fillipe Saraiva, Instalações Eléctricas Industriais. Porto Is Alive: Media and Creativity in the City of Porto Landscape

Russell Stockard, California Lutheran University. Media Event Sequels: Katrina, Race, History, and Memory

1C. Gaming, Storytelling, and Environments – TEL 217

Moderator: Adriana Braga (Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro)

Rob Shields, University of Alberta, and Sérgio C. Benício de Mello, Federal University of Pernambuco. The Magnetism of Xbox Live: The Allure of the Magnetic City and Its Citizens

Nancy Bray, University of Alberta. The Garden of Forked Pasts: Internet Genealogy as Cybertextual Storytelling

Sheila Nayar, Greensboro College. Primary Issues with Secondary Orality Iryna Dovganyuk, University of Alberta. Television as Art in the Digital Age

1D. City as Classroom – TEL 219

Moderator: Gordon Gow (University of Alberta)

Lewis Freeman, Fordham University. The City as Children’s Classroom: What Children Have to Teach Us About Cities

Per-Olof Erixon, Umea University, and Johan Elmfeldt, Umea University. School Writing in a Changing Media Ecology

Ana Patricia Oliveira, University of Aveiro, and Maria Conceição Lopes, University of Aveiro. Scratch in Kindergarten: A Space
and a Place of Communicational, Ludic and Creative Intermediations

Session 2: 10:30 am – 11:45 am

2A. McLuhan the Man – TEL 236

Moderator: Rob Shields (University of Alberta)

Benjamin Robertson, Wheaton College. Marshall McLuhan: A Grammarian for Our Age

William Buxton, Concordia University. The Neglect of Innis; the Rise of McLuhan, 1949-1956

Huimin Jin, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Media as Relation and Relation as Truth: A Comparative Study of McLuhan and Confucius

2B. Photography, Space, Time, and Punctum – TEL 238

Moderator: Almond Aguila (University of Alberta)

Eric Jenkins, University of Cincinnati. Another Punctum Mickey Vallee, University of Alberta. The Machine in the Ghost: Poststructural Aesthetics, Kinetic Sound Sculptures, and the Ontological Relations of McLuhan’s Theory of Extension/Amputation to Deleuze & Guattari’s “Body Without Organs”

2C. Mobile Technologies – TEL 217

Moderator: Yoni Van Den Eede (Free University of Brussels)

James Morrison, Babson College. The Progress of the Pod People: Vehicular Multimedia Systems and the Brave New World of

Peggy Jubien, University of Alberta. Phenomenology of Mobile Technologies in Education

Dong-Hoo Lee, University of Incheon. Mobile Snapshots in the Age of Tertiary Orality

Minhao Zeng, University of Alberta, Gold McEwen, University of Alberta, and Christy Gustavison,
University of Alberta. Locating McLuhan through Geocaching: A Locative Media Experiment in Downtown Edmonton

2D. Media Literacy – TEL 219

Moderator: Angela Keller (University of Alberta)

Lance Strate Fordham University, and Lewis Freeman, Fordham University. The Future of Children’s Television Programming: A Study of How Emerging Digital Technologies Can Facilitate Active and Engaged Participation and Contribute to Media Literacy Education

Alex Kuskis, Gonzaga University. Marshall McLuhan as an Education Theorist

Norm Friesen, Thompson Rivers University, and Shannon Lowe, Thompson Rivers University. The Lecture as Trans-Medial Pedagogical Form: An Historical/Ecological Analysis

Dennis Cali, University of Texas at Tyler. Mapping McLuhan: How Media Ecology is Taught in College Curricula

11:45 am – 1 pm Lunch (on your own)

Unveiling of The Wave, an art and media installation.

Session 3: 1 pm – 2:15 pm

3A. Media Ecology I – TEL 236

Moderator: Aura Quezada (Mount Royal University)

Nicole Maggio, University of Maine. McLuhan’s Messenger: The Role of the Artist in the Global Village

Gerrit Verstraete, Masterpiece Fine Art Studio. The Tetrad: A Dialectical Model of Media Ecology Theory and Art, Design, and New Media

3B. Music and Listening Practices – TEL 217

Moderator: Ilona Cardinal (University of Alberta)

Phil Rose, York University. Radiohead and the Media Fallout of Ok Computer

Sheena Hyndman, York University. Making the Familiar Strange: Verve Remixed, Media Ecology, and the Reshaping of Listening Practices

Armond Towns, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Keeping it Mobile: Hip-Hop Spaces & Sneakers as Technology

Karen Brown, Dominican University, and Mary Pat Fallon, Dominican University. Library as Place: New Media and New Designs for Creating  Community

3C. Panel: Illusionary Freedom: False Promises of Cyberspace – TEL 150

Moderator: Nancy Bray (University of Alberta)

Anthony Wachs, Duquesne University, Brian Gilchrist, Duquesne University, John Jasso, University of Pittsburgh, and Beth Michalec, Duquesne University

3D. Panel: Phenomenology and the Project of Media Ecology – TEL 219

Moderator: Brian Cogan (Molloy College)

Ellen Rose, University of New Brunswick, Catherine Adams, University of Alberta, Corey Anton, Grand Valley State University, and Stacey Irwin, Millersville University

Session 4: 2:30 pm – 3:45 pm

4A. Media Ecology II – TEL 236

Moderator: Sharmila Ferris (William Paterson University)

Regiane Miranda de Oliveira Nakagawa, Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo. Communication Rhetoric Understood as Metalanguage

Kevin Garrison, Angelo State University. Ellul’s Alternative Narrative of Technology: Anticipating the Fourth Milieu of Virtuality

Yoni Van Den Eede, Free University of Brussels. Home Is Where the Brain Wires: Technology, Fixity, and Adaptation

Stuart Mackay, Independent. Infoese

4B. Time & Space – TEL 238

Moderator: TBA

James Scott, Saint Louis University. Space on the Edge: Marshall McLuhan’s Marginalia and Annotations of Siegried Giedion, Erich Gombrich, Julian Jaynes, and Walter Ong

Sang-Hee Kweon, Sungkyunkwan University, Kyung Ho Hwang, Sungkyunkwan University, and Eun-Mi Kim, Sungkyunkwan
University. Time and Space Perception in Media Platform

4C. Surveillance and Seclusion – TEL 217

Moderator: Yuping Mao (University of Alberta)

Brent Strang, University of Alberta. A Red Dead Remedy for the Emasculating Anxieties of Digital Seclusion

Darren Stevenson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Deploying Biometric Imaging on the In-Store Customer: A Slippery Slope towards Corporate Orwellianism

Mogens Olesen, University of Copenhagen. “Epi-genetic Media”: Digital Media as a Cultural Selection Mechanism

Jan Buterman, University of Alberta. All Your < Data > Base Belong to Us: Identity & Recognition in an Online World

4D. Panel: “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Reflections on Digital Technology and Cognition – TEL 150

Moderator: Paul Soukup (Santa Clara University)

Ellen Rose, University of New Brunswick, Paul Grosswiler, University of Maine, and Donna Flayhan, State University of New York at New Paltz

4 pm – 5:45 pm Highlands Walking Tour (including the McLuhan home), preregistration required

6 pm – 7:30 pm Welcoming remarks. Plenary presentation: Robert Logan (University of Toronto), “McLuhan Misunderstood: Setting the Record Straight”

7:45 pm – 9:30 pm Reception, cash bar, and hors d’oeuvres.

Official opening of Spaces&Places: VisioningMcLuhan@100, Latitude 53 Gallery, 10248 – 106 Street

Friday, 24 June 2011

 8:30 am – 4 pm Registration, Book Exhibit open until 4 pm.

Session 5, 9 am – 10:15 am – TEL 150

5A. Panel: The Man of Letters as Avant-Garde Artist: Marshall McLuhan and Wilfred Watson in Search of Common Ground

Moderator: Yoni Van Den Eede (Free University of Brussels)

Paul Hjartarson, University of Alberta,
Kristine Smitka, University of Alberta, Gregory Betts,
Brock University, Wayne DeFehr, University of Alberta,
and Paul Tiessen, Wilfred Laurier University

5B. Cityscapes and Sound – TEL 236

Moderator: Almond Aguila (University of Alberta)

Peter Zhang, Grande Valley State University. The Cityscape and Sonicscape of Beijing: A McLuhanian Critique

Jason Wilson, Audio Perfume

Sonia Montano, University Unisinos, and Suzanne Kilpp, University Unisinos. The Methodology of Frames and the Audio-Visual Ecology

Irene Machado, University of São Paulo. Acoustic Space and the Ecology of Cultural Extensions

5C. Panel: Mobilizing the City as Classroom: Locative and Mobile Media for Community Engagement – TEL 217

Moderator: Andre Lucena (University of Alberta)

Gordon Gow, University of Alberta, Daylin Breen, University of Alberta, Angela Keller, University of Alberta, and Lisa Prins, University of Alberta

5D. Media Ecology and Media Literacy – TEL 219

Moderator: Ellen Rose (University of New Brunswick)

Vinicius Andrade Pereira, Rio de Janeiro State University. Communication Technologies as Grammars: Medium, Content and Message in Marshall McLuhan’s Work

Sheldon Richmond, Independent. Can We Break the Monopolistic Tendency of Technology?

Helma Sawatzky, Simon Fraser University. Anemone Theory: An Exploration of Digital Media as Phenomena

10:30 am – 11:45 am Plenary Panel Discussion: Elena Lamberti (University of Bologna), Rob Shields (University of Alberta), and Douglas Barbour (University of Alberta), “McLuhan and Artistic Vision in the Wireless City”

11:45 am – 1 pm Lunch (on your own)

1 pm – 2:15 pm Plenary presentation: Joshua Meyrowitz (University of New Hampshire), “Media Ecology and
the Future of Theory”

2:15 pm – 2:30 pm Break

Session 6: 2:30 pm – 3:45 pm

6A. Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll. – TEL 236

Moderator: Peggy Jubien (University of Alberta)

Phil Rose, York University, and Ainsley Moore, McMaster University. The Extended Pharmacist: Entering the Era of Remote
Drug Dispensation and Pharmaceutical Counselling

Niels van Doorn, Johns Hopkins University. The Intimate City: McLuhan’s Medium Theory and the Political Ecology of Sexual

Read Schuchardt, Wheaton College. Was McLuhan’s Biology The Medium That Begot the Message?

6B. On the Binding Biases of Time – TEL 150

Moderator: Donna Flayhan (State University of New York at New Paltz)

Lance Strate, Fordham University.

Respondent: Corey Anton, Grand Valley State University

6C. New Medias – TEL 217

Moderator: Mary Beckie (University of Alberta)

Wade Nelson, University of Winnipeg. You(Tube)-surped: The Absorption of the Old BMX Freestyle Cycling Media by the New

Almond Aguila, University of Alberta. Skype and the Global Filipino Family

Holland Wilde, Cultural Farming. Extensions of McLuhan, Media is the Massage: An Inventory of Effects

6D. Panel: The Place of the Body in the Spaces of Technology – TEL 219

Moderator: Paul Soukup (Santa Clara University)

Paul Grosswiler, University of Maine,
Steven Reagles, Bethany Lutheran College, and Robert
MacDougall, Curry College

4 pm – 5:45 pm Plenary presentation: Gary Gumpert (City University of New York), “Repetitio ad infinitum: From Print to Scrawl”

5:45 pm – 6:30 pm Break

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm Banquet, President’s Address and MEA 2011 Awards Ceremony.

President’s Address: Janet Sternberg (Fordham University), “Space, Place, and the Media Ecology Association

Venue: Westin Hotel. 10135 – 100 Street

9 pm – 11 pm Film happening, “Being In The World” and Q & A following with Mark Wrathall (University of California, Riverside)

Venue: Art Gallery of Alberta, 2 Sir Winston Churchill Square NW (Churchill LRT Station)

Saturday, 25 June 2011

8:30 am – noon Registration, Book Exhibit open until 4 pm (not open on Sunday).

9 am – 3 pm Exhibition of City as Classroom: Deconstructing McLuhan, an interactive art and learning installation

Session 7: 9 am – 10:15 am

7A. Panel: McLuhan in the Digital Age – TEL 150

Moderator: Sharmila Ferris (William Paterson University)

Octavio Islas, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Jorge Hidalgo, Universidad Anahuac, Claudia Benassini, Razón y Palabra, and Fernando Gutiérrez, Tecnológico de Monterrey

7B. The Urban Environment – TEL 236

Moderator: Martin Guardado (University of Alberta)

Alberto Carrera Portugal, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. Global Cities and Global Media: The Urban Competitiveness Concept in City Rankings. Shaping the Local Policies and Global Perceptions?

Yuping Mao, University of Alberta, and Claudia Hale, Ohio University. An Examination of Chinese Employees Use of Technologies in Relation to Intercultural Sensitivity, Organizational Conflict Management Styles, and Organizational Satisfaction in China Branches of Multinational Companies

7C. Religion, Church and Pastoral Landscapes – TEL 217

Moderator: Rob Shields (University of Alberta)

Richard Osicki, Canadian Mennonite University. Is the Internet the New Temple? McLuhan Looks at Religion Looks at McLuhan

Grace Chiou, University of Denver. The Visual and Material Culture of the Urban Church: From Flanerie to Koinonia Silvia Maria Guerra Molina, University of São Paulo, Mariana Piva-Silva, University of São Paulo, Gabriel Henrique Lui, University of São Paulo, and Ana Paula Branco do Nascimento, Ninth of July University. Deagrarianisation: Dislocations of  Technologies and Landscape Dislodgement

Nicole M Glenn, University of Alberta, Julian Forrest, University of Alberta. We Can Live Our Misbehavior

7D. Heidegger on Resisting the Demands of Technology – TEL 219

Moderator: Catherine Adams (University of Alberta)

Mark Wrathall, University of California, Riverside

10:15 am – 10:30 am Break

10:30 am – 11:45 am Plenary presentation: Richard Cavell (University of British Columbia), “Marshall McLuhan as Ec[h]o-Critic”

11:45 am – 1 pm Lunch

Session 8: 1 pm – 2:15 pm

8A. Global Village and Tribal Extensions – TEL 236

Moderator: Brian Cogan (Molloy College)

Gordon Titchener, Thompson Rivers University. The Design Is the Destination: The Media Ecology of Contemporary
Tourist Experience

Adriana Braga, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro. Microcelebrity, the Medium, and the Message

Jonathan Slater, Plattsburgh State University of New York. Two Solitudes in the Global Village

Marv Machura, NorQuest College. Tribal Extensions in New and Conflicting Media Environments

8B. Sound and Place – TEL 238

Moderator: Aura Quezada (Mount Royal University)

Cezary Gajewski, University of Alberta. Physical Interactions: The McLuhan Centenary Wave Installation

Andrew deWaard, University of British Columbia. Mise-en-Synergy and Soundscapes

Ellen Moffat, University of Saskatchewan. Unmediating the City: The Soundwalk as Embodied Probe

Lewis Kaye, Wilfred Laurier University. Through the Vanishing Point: Reanimating McLuhan Through Image, Sound, and Place

8C. Urban Studies – TEL 217

Moderator: Marco Adria (University of Alberta)

Mary Ann Allison, Hofstra University. Reintegrating the Virtual with the Physical in Rome and New York

Greg Ott, Fontbonne University. City Stickers: The Euro Oval Decal and Urban Renewal/Gentrification

 8D. Dis/Orientations – TEL 219

Moderator: Minhao Zeng (University of Alberta)

Antonio Almeida, University of São Paulo. Symbolic Environment and Nature

Tom Bruneau, Radford University. Acoustic Space Revised: Holonomic and Connectionist Brain Theories

2:15 pm – 2:30 pm Break

2:30 pm – 3:45 pm Plenary presentation: Mark Poster (University of California, Irvine), “Theorizing Culture and Media: McLuhan and Foucault”. Plenary presentation has been made possible in part by financial support from the Henry Marshall Tory Professor, University of Alberta, Rob Shields

4 pm – 4:45 pm Reflection on the life and work of Christine Nystrom

5 pm – 6:45 pm An urban virtual happening, QRcodes and Geocaching in downtown Edmonton, preregistration required. Meet in the Atrium, Enterprise Square;


Double-feature film screening of McLuhan’s Wake (2002) and the NBC documentary The Medium is the Massage (1967), no registration required, Enterprise Square.

7:30 pm – 10 pm Evening on your own in the Alberta capital! Dinner at La Boheme in Highlands for those who wish to attend

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Session 9: 9 am – 10:15 am

9A. Old News, New News – TEL 236

Moderator: Sara van den Berg (Saint Louis University)

Andre Lucena, University of Alberta. The Print Newspaper in the Information Age: An Analysis of Trends and Perspectives

Christine Tracy, Eastern Michigan University. Perception in the Newssphere Matt Thomas, University of Iowa. Back to Paper, or: Everything Old Is New Again

Zhiwei Yu, Peking University. The Consequence of Writing Systems on Human Perception in China and the West

9B. Panel: The Role of the Artist in the Local Landscape: Examining Marshall McLuhan and Sheila Watson’s Relationship to Canadian Modernism – TEL 150

Moderator: Angela Keller (University of Alberta)

Paul Hjartarson, University of Alberta, Kristine Smitka, University of Alberta, Elena Lamberti, University of Bologna, Linda Morra, Bishop University, and Adam Hammond, University of Toronto

9C. GPS, Geocaching, and Locative Media – TEL 217

Moderator: Peggy Jubien (University of Alberta)

Minhao Zeng, University of Alberta. Examining Geocaching Practices Through a Mobilities Lens

Marcelo Medeiros, Universidade Federal da Bahia. Locative Communication: Place as a Medium?

Almond Aguila, University of Alberta, and Daylin Breen, University of Alberta. Unlocking Perspective with 2D codes: The Hunt for Media Literacy in the City

9D. Cities & the Politics of Space and Place – TEL 219

Moderator: Gordon Gow (University of Alberta)

Kellen Cristina, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, and Debora Duran, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. Rio de Janeiro, Wonderful City: City as a Composite Technology, City as Classroom

Anna Christie Torres, University of the Philippines Baguio. The City of Baguio and the Politics of Space

Geo Takach, University of Calgary. Space, Place, and the Face of Empire: Lessons from Harold Innis on Alberta Tar Sands

10:15 am – 10:30 am Break

10:30 am – 12 noon MEA Business Meeting and Closing Remarks (all are welcome and encouraged to attend)

More Convention Information and Contacts:  –

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