Jordan Mandel: Forward Through the Rearview Mirror

5 Jul 2011 – Toronto native’s electronic self-titled debut features “collaboration” with Canadian media philosopher Marshall McLuhan.

Toronto native Jordan Mandel might be known to some as one half of folk-rock comedy duo On A Rope Enterprises, but he’s now embarking on a solo self-titled electronic venture of epic proprotions. At times exuding an industrial feel, and at others evoking a Wall-era Pink Floyd, the first instalment sees Mandel “team up” with late Canadian media philosopher Marshall McLuhan, featuring McLuhan’s voiceover from interviews and speeches on top of Mandel’s musical compositions – released just in time for what would have been McLuhan’s 100th birthday on July 21st.

This aptly-titled “Talk-Rock” looks to be the first in a series of projects Mandel is working on, and The iM is looking forward to seeing who he “collaborates” with next.

Check it out in the embed below – if you like what you hear, head over to Mandel’s Bandcamp page for a name-your-price download (He also encourages you to read up on the Canadian master of media).

You can listen to this audio mashup here & download it on a pay-what-you-wish basis:

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