New Book from Eric & Marshall McLuhan: Theories of Communication


Theories of Communication

McLuhan, Eric / McLuhan, Marshall

Theories of Communication

 Year of Publication: 2011

New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2011. 272 pp.
ISBN 978-1-4331-1212-6 pb.

Book synopsis

Theories of Communication is the realization of a project begun in the 1970s with Marshall McLuhan and now brought to completion by his son, Eric McLuhan. This collection of short essays assembles theories of communication from a diverse range of famous people – from Thomas Aquinas and Francis Bacon to Wyndham Lewis and Ezra Pound – and ends with an essay on Marshall McLuhann’ own theory of communication. While the majority of the essays have been previously published, all are seminal pieces in the field. Their presence together in one volume is a significant contribution to the overall task of understanding culture and communication in our time, and will appeal to both scholars and students interested in the work of Marshall McLuhan.


Contents: Eric McLuhan/Marshall McLuhan: World Communication Series – Marshall McLuhan: Wyndham Lewis: His Theory of Art and Communication – Marshall McLuhan: Formal Causality in Chesterton – Eric McLuhan: Francis Bacon’s Theory of Communication and Media – Marshall McLuhan: Pound, Eliot and the Rhetoric of The Waste Land – Eric McLuhan: Thomas Aquinas’s Theory of Communication – Marshall McLuhan: Rhetorical Spirals in Four Quartets – Marshall McLuhan: Poetic vs. Rhetorical Exegesis: The Case for Leavis Against Richards and Empson – Eric McLuhan: Joyce and McLuhan – Marshall McLuhan: Introduction: Paradox in Chesterton – Marshall McLuhan: The Bias of Communication – Marshall McLuhan: Media Ad-vice – Marshall McLuhan: The Emperor’s Old Clothes – Marshall McLuhan/Harley Parker: The Emperor’s New Clothes – Marshall McLuhan/Eric McLuhan: Culture and Communication: The Two Hemispheres – Eric McLuhan: Marshall McLuhan’s Theory of Communication: The Yegg – Eric McLuhan: Aristotle’s Theory of Communication – Eric McLuhan: Cicero’s Theory of Communication – Marshall McLuhan/Wilfred Watson: Mimesis, or Making Sense – Eric McLuhan: On Formal Cause – Eric McLuhan: The Theories of Communication of Judaism and Catholicism.

About the author(s)/editor(s)

Eric McLuhan received his B.Sc. in communications from the University of Wisconsin, and his MA and PhD in English from the University of Dallas. His doctoral thesis on James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake was published by the University of Toronto Press. He worked for fifteen years with Marshall McLuhan and co-authored two books with him, City as Classroom: Understanding Language and Media and Laws of Media: The New Science. He has lectured around the world on media and society, and has written numerous books and articles.

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Eric McLuhan press portrait Dr. Eric McLuhan

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