Australian (ABC) Radio: Big Ideas


Marshall McLuhan: Cliches, paradoxes and misunderstandings

In the 1960s an unlikely professor of English Literature acquired the popularity and status of a rock star. An adoring audience heard about media, the global village, forms and messages. But, looking back, was he oracle or orator? Scholar or artist?

McKenzie Wark and guests discuss Marshall McLuhan, the cliches, the paradoxes and the misunderstandings.


McKenzie Wark – Associate Professor, Chair of Culture and Media. The New School for Liberal Arts. New York

Paul Miller – DJ, artist, author, and film maker.

Doug Rushkoff – Writer, speaker, film maker, graphic novelist and broadcaster.

Further Information

Listen to the audio here:

McKenzie Wark: profile

Paul Miller aka Dj Spooky

Doug Rushkoff: interim blog

The McLuhan Project

2 Responses to “Australian (ABC) Radio: Big Ideas”

  1. Agreed. But note that my postings always reference back to the source, with one or more links. Great job that ABC is doing in celebrating McLuhan. It’s more concentrated and focused than our own CBC’s efforts……AlexK

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