McLuhan Centenary Celebrations in the German-Speaking World


My colleague, Dr. Norm Friesen at Thompson River University, BC, who has himself studied in Germany, has written about the strong adoption of McLuhan’s ideas on media thus:

In Germany alone, over 60 media studies departments have recently appeared at Universities from Bielefeld to Weimar –with more to be found in Austria and German-speaking Switzerland. McLuhan is widely referenced as a Medienphilosoph, he is the subject of Fueilleton or “cultural feature” articles in newspapers (e.g., Boltz, 2007), of German-language academic conference (e.g., Universität Bayreuth, 2007), and his theory “hot” and “cool” media (as one example) is taught in all earnest in the fine arts. He is seen as no less than “the founder and figurehead of modern media theory” (Margreiter, 2007, p. 135). ( )

For those who can read German, here are a set of links that capture the extent of the German-speaking covcrage of the McLuhan centenary. My thanks to both Michael McLuhan and Mo Cohen of Gingko Press for providing this list……..AlexK

*SPIEGEL online
*Spiegel (Nr. 29, 18.7.2011, S.120/121)
*Frankfurter Rundschau (Nr. 167, S. 33 + note on cover-page)
*Der Tagesspiegel (Nr. 21041, S. 25 + note/photo on cover-page)
*Berliner Zeitung (Nr.168FA, 21.7.2011, S. 25)
*Die eltwoche (Nr. 28, 14.7.2011, S. 42-45)
*DIE ZEIT (Nr. 30, 21.7.2011, S. 39)
*taz (Nr. 9551, 21.7.2011, S. 13 + note/photo on cover-page)!74883/
*Freitag (21.7.2011, S.16/17 + note on cover-page)
*Hamburger Abendblatt (Nr. 168, 21.7.2011, S. 13)
*Der Standard (16./17. Juli 2011, S. Album_A1-A2) <>

*Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung
*Sächsische Zeitung

*Junge Freiheit

*Die Presse (Austrian newspaper)

*Wiener Zeitung


*Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung

*Badische Zeitung–47622610.html

*Deutschlandradio Kultur
*MDR Figaro

*SWR 2
*Bayern 2 <>





*Telepolis (Internet-Mag)




Frankfurt Allgemeine zeitung

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