Messages to Marshall McLuhan Exhibition, Budapest


2–4 August 2011

Gallery (6 Képíró u. Budapest, H-1053)

Exhibition opening: Tuesday, 2 August 2011 at 18.00.

Venue: LABOR Gallery (6 Képíró u., Budapest, H-1053).

Barnabás Bencsik, Director of Ludwig Museum will open the exhibition.

Under the title of Marshall McLuhan in Europe 2011, there have been a series of events dedicated to the centenary of Marshall McLuhan’s birth throughout Europe. The Budapest events have included creative sessions, workshops, research, exhibitions, discussions and conferences to present the work and heritage of probably the most influential of media theorists to the public. The fresh, open-minded and communal public presentation of these events is not only current but also definitely unique in this international cooperation.

Organisers of the Hungarian project are the Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Kitchen Budapest, Hungarian University of Fine Arts Intermedia Department (MKE) and Eötvös Loránd University Media and Communication Department (ELTE).

The Ludwig Museum participated in the project with its Media Month events and a summer day camp. In May 2011, media was the focus of the talks and discussions at the Museum’s regular museum education workshop (Teacher’s Tuesday), while the greatest emphasis was placed on creative work. On four Saturdays at the regular creative sessions (i.e. Family Matinee and Integrated Family Matinee) as well as at the thematic Marshall McLuhan Workshop, from the smallest to grandparents everyone could express their impressions and thoughts in connection with the media in a creative way. The Medium in Focus summer art camp in June was meant for teenagers to project their feelings and experiences about the topic into works of art.

The Messages to Marshall McLuhan exhibition at LABOR Galley displays these creations as a finale of the creative work.

The exhibition will be on view from 2 to 4 August, 2011. Opening hours: 10.00–18.00.

The workshops and events were organized and carried out by Ludwig Museum’s Museum Education Department and their associates. The curator of the exhibition is Nina Czeglédy.

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