Marshall McLuhan in London, Ontario (1977)


Marshall McLuhan @100 project: McLuhan & Londoners*

james.reaney – August 9th, 2011


Marshall McLuhan, c. Feb. 6, 1977 by London Free Press ace photographer George Blumson

My former LFP colleague George Blumson took this amazing photo of Marshall McLuhan on (or about) Feb. 6, 1977.  George’s photo catches McLuhan in a pensive, wizard-like moment. There is a poignancy to the image. It is is late in McLuhan’s life — though we would not have known this at the time — & the great Canadian’s reputation was (unfairly) at a low ebb.

What was the occasion? A quick check of The Free Press, UWO Gazette and Western News didn’t turn up anything obvious — but then JBNBlog often misses the obvious. Anybody know what brought McLuhan here in the winter of 1977? Any memories, leads, etc. gratefully received.

*An occasional series celebrating the 100th anniversary of Marshall McLuhan’s birth (July 21, 1911)  with random London-tied events in his remarkable career. McLuhan died Dec. 31, 1980. He was in London & around Londoners at various times. Any help, leads, memories to help the project are appreciated.

I have to think that Marshall McLuhan’s visit to London, Ontario on this occasion would have been to visit the University of Western Ontario (my undergrad alma mater), where he would have been friends with some of the professors in the English department who had studied at the University of Toronto (for example James Reaney)……….AlexK

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