Marshall McLuhan {my teacher} … classroom to studio by Richard Kerr


McLuhan is a 60 minute monologue recorded in 1976 and re-worked in 1996 for the installation, Overlapping Entries, at the Mackenzie Art Gallery, in Regina Saskatchewan. In McLuhan, Kerr recontextualizes a “question and answer period” for design students delivered by media theorist Marshall McLuhan at Sherdian College in 1975. Operating from McLuhan’s own aphorism “the medium is the message,” Kerr combines footage of the address with two scrolling texts in the borders, in one showing an asynchronous transcript that weaves around McLuhan’s dialogue, and in another, reinforcing McLuhan’s talking points like a ticker on cable news. It has the effect of sharply re-conceptualizing the semantic and rhetorical values of the lecture in particular, yet also provides a fascinating perspective on McLuhan’s own ideas and intellectual form of address. About Richard Kerr: .

McLuhan from richard kerr on Vimeo.


Richard Kerr is a teacher/practitioner based in Montreal since 2000. He is a film/video maker and visual artist, with a wide range of interests and vast body of work that has been exhibited and collected internationally. Richard is currently preparing an exhibition, titled, “Drawing from Photography”, that will encompass his interests and influence of the formal properties of photography on his body of work in all media.

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  1. 1 Timothy Long

    The actual date of Overlapping Entries as presented at the MacKenzie Art Gallery show was March 19 to May 30, 1993. A catalogue for the show was produced with an in-depth essay by film critic Bart Testa.

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