Two Radio Interviews Relating to Marshall McLuhan


From Lance Strate of Fordham University:-

Tomorrow (Mon. 9/12) [that is today], the Connecticut Public Radio program, Where We Live, hosted by John Dankowsky, will be devoted to a discussion of McLuhan, in anticipation of the McLuhan Centenary Symposium on Sat. (9/17) [at Fordham University in NYC], and will feature Eric McLuhan as a guest, along with yours truly.  The show runs from 9-10 AM, you can also catch it online at, and I’m pretty sure there will be a call-in segment, so it would be great to hear from some media ecologists and McLuhan scholars.

This interview is now available as a podcast here: .

 Dr. Lance Strate

 Dr. Eric McLuhan

From Paul Levinson of Fordham University:-

I’m interviewed by Bob Mann about Marshall McLuhan for Let’s Consider the Source – on Sirius Radio, 7:30pm Eastern tonight [that’s yesterday; hopefully this will be recorded for access after the event].  We taped the interview a few days ago  – one of the most charming I’ve done, in part because Bob did the interview in front of his class at Caldwell College.  He may well be coming to the McLuhan symposium at Fordham this coming Saturday (Bob’s a proud Fordham grad.)

 Dr. Paul Levinson

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