McLuminations #2: McLuhan the Artist – The Artist in McLuhan, Berlin


10/20/2011 – 10/20/2011 | 18:00 EST | Marshall McLuhan Salon, Berlin

In collaboration with the transmediale and the McLuhan in Europe 2011 project, the Embassy of Canada and its Marshall McLuhan Salon presents the second edition of McLuminations on Thursday, October 20th, at 6 p.m.

The Embassy’s Marshall McLuhan Salon houses an extensive archive of video documentation and original broadcasts featuring Marshall McLuhan. McLuminations is a series of performative screenings, where the Marshall McLuhan Salon’s archival video material is projected and inflected in a public conversation. McLuminations II will be presented and moderated by Baruch Gottlieb with McLuhan experts Steffi Winkler and Martina Leeker.


McLuhan is often claimed to have heralded and lauded the role of ‘the artist’ as someone we should look to in order to understand our current age.  But as we know with McLuhan, things are often not what they seem.  Is McLuhan referring to himself when he speaks of ‘the artist’?  Did McLuhan, a professor of English Literature, see or even refer to his work as art?

Is ‘the artist’ for McLuhan just a biological appendage of society (antenna) or does McLuhan endow the artist with some kind of critical faculty while “being of one’s time”? Does some criticality necessarily occur in the synthesis of this nervous information with material expression? Who is it that is supposed to understand something by observing the artist’s sensitive vibrations?  Many critics of McLuhan challenge his determinism, his begrudging of any ‘individual’ agency.  Is the material creation of art in itself some kind of conservative exercise in McLuhan, to decelerate the technological transformation of human society?

This event will be in English and German. Admission is free. Please register below in advance. A valid photo ID is required when entering the Embassy of Canada.

Online registration

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