McLuhan’s Message


McLuhan's Message

To mark the centenary of the birth of provocative media pioneer and theorist Marshall McLuhan, Watershed presents a day of seminars on Thursday 6 Oct, a season of films throughout October, and the unique online resources on this site – all of which explore McLuhan’s ideas in relation to the current digital landscape. Read More

Seminars & Events

A day of panel discussions exploring McLuhan’s ideas in relation to the current explosion of digital media and looking at what we can learn about the 21st century media landscape by viewing it through McLuhan’s “rear view mirror”. 
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Video interviews with contemporaries and theorists on McLuhan’s contribution to our current understanding of media.
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Genius Loci

Commissioned for McLuhan’s Message, the ‘Genius Loci’ project is a new sound artwork based on sound-bites from McLuhan, accompanied by drones, beats and pulses that have been produced by feeding McLuhan’s voice into digital samplers.
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Picnic in Space

Picnic in Space is a rare jewel of a film in which McLuhan expounds on ‘space’ and its properties with his long time cohort Harley Parker – while lying in a field somewhere in Canada. Amusing, classic and a period piece of McLuhan ephemera.
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Technological Determinism and Neuroplasticity by Sy Taffel, PhD Researcher at Digital Cultures Research Centre at University of the West of England
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Film Screenings

Four films which reflect media pioneer Marshall McLuhan’s prescient predictions about technology and society – plus Woody Allen’s Annie Hall where the man himself makes a famous cameo appearance.
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