International Conference & DEW Line Festival, Toronto


DEW Line Festival

November 7–10, 2011
University of Toronto Chestnut Conference Centre
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Conference Program will be divided into a series of plenary panels and “conversations” and concurrent sessions of multiple speakers. Topics for the conference vary widely, from Media Ecology to Geopolitics, from Theology and Ethics to Performativity.

University of Toronto



10:45–12:15 Parallel Sessions · A

A1 The Biographers
· Derrick de Kerckhove (Univ. of Toronto, Canada) Questions de méthode
· Martine Pelletier (Univ. de Sherbrooke, Canada) L’éthique du passage chez Marshall McLuhan: de la médianomie vers l’autonomie
· Léon Surette (Univ. of Western Ontario, Canada) Remembering McLuhan
· Jean-François Vallée (Univ. de Montréal, Canada) The Electrical Conversion of Marshall McLuhan

A2 Counterblast
· Peter Nesselroth (Univ. of Toronto, Canada) McLuhan’s and Derrida’s Aphorisms, or the Fine Art of Crafting Verbal Hand Grenades
· Sarah Stanners (Univ. of British Columbia, Canada) Blessing Visual Illiteracy, Or How to Lose Sight and Understand Counterblast [1954]
· Adam Welsch (Univ. of Toronto, Canada) Dispatches from the DEW Line: McLuhan and Correspondence Art in Canada, Ca. 1968-1980

A3 Performativity
· Oliver Botar (Univ. of Winnipeg, Canada) McMoholy: Eduxtend-ing the Sensorium xplorations Seminar and Journal
· Adam Lauder (York Univ., Canada)Selling Via “The Five Sense Sensorium” Betram Brooker, Marshall McLuhan and Sensual Media Culture in Mid-century Toronto
· Cristina Miranda de Almeida (IN3 – Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain) The Art of McLuhan’s Science: Understanding McLuhan as a Medium for the Convergence Between Art and Science
· Aviva Rothstein (Simon Fraser Univ., Canada) Unmasking McLuhan: What If It’s Just His Face?

A4 Medium Theory
· Chris Drohan (Sheridan College, Canada) McLuhan, Deleuze, and the Empires of Information
· Jher & Lauren Bratlausky (Univ. of Oregon, USA)A Multidimensional Tetrad for the 21st Century
· Ravindra Mohabeer (Vancouver Island Univ., Canada)Orders of Mediation and the Growing Invisibility of the Medium
· Marcin Trybulec (Maria Curie Sklodowska Univeristy, Poland) The Significance of Extended Mind Hypothesis for Medium Theory


14:15-15:45 Parallel Sessions · B

B1 Poetics
· Renato Barilli (Univ. of Bologna, Italy) The Medium is Message: A Kantian Legacy
· Bruce Elder (Ryerson Univ., Canada)Modernist Form: Interstitial writing and Immediacy in McLuhan’s Poetics
· Edward Slopek (Ryerson Univ., Canada)We have never been visual: On McLuhan, Synesthesia, and Not Having to Restore the Unity of the Senses

B2 Cityscapes
· Gary Genosko (Lakehead Univ., Canada) Is Toronto Obsolete? Process and Ambivalence in McLuhan’s Urban Studies
· Adeena Karasic (St. John’s Univ., New York, USA) TBA
· Jacqueline Mcleod Rogers (Univ. of Winnipeg, Canada)McLuhan and the City: Constant and Obsolete Ground

B3 Vortices of power
· Michael Macdonald & Carrie Perce (Univ. of Waterloo, Canada) “Battle of the Icons”: Marshall McLuhan and Media War
· Filomena Bomfim (Universidade Federal de Sao Joao del Rei, Brazil) The Impact of the New Technologies on Brazilian Journalism: Mcluhan’s Perceptions on the Mosaic
· Rita Leistner (Independent, Italy) Finding McLuhan in Afghanistan

B4 Screenings
(Titles: TBA)


10:45–12:15 Parallel Sessions · C

C1 Medium Theory
· Chris Drohan (Sheridan College, Canada) McLuhan, Deleuze, and the Empires of Information
· Jher & Lauren Bratlausky (Univ. of Oregon, USA) A Multidimensional Tetrad for the 21st Century
· Ravindra Mohabeer (Vancouver Island Univ., Canada) Orders of Mediation and the Growing Invisibility of the Medium
· Marcin Trybulec (Maria Curie Sklodowska Univeristy, Poland) The Significance of Extended Mind Hypothesis for Medium Theory

C2 Theology
· Kyong Cho (Univ. of Edinburgh, UK) Theology in the electronic age: What Marshall McLuhan has to say to the theologian
· Clemens Borher (Goethe Univ., Germany) Babel or Pentecost? Media analysis in religious metaphors
· Richard Osicki (Univ. of Manitoba, Canada)McLuhan and Lonergan: Eye to Eye

C3 Pedagogy
· Patricia Benton Cseh and Mary Beth Leidman (Indiana Univ. of Pennsylvania, USA) McLuhan and Piaget: Another Approach to Understanding Children and Media
· Gregory Gutenko (Univ. of Missouri at Kansas City) Monkeys on Bicycles and Teletats Too
· Josh Shepperd (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, USA) Marshall McLuhan’s ‘Grammars’ of Media Literacy, 1958-1961

C4 Experiment & Research
· Iain Baird (National Media Museum, UK)Wise after the event: British Satellite Broadcasting
· Matteo Ciastellardi (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain) and Emanuela Patti (Università di Cagliari, Italy) The Gutenberg Galaxy in the era of convergent culture
· Robert Fischer (Library & Archives Canada, Canada) & Graham Larkin In the McLuhan Clearinghouse
· John O’Neill (York Univ., Canada) Text-me!


10:45–12:15 Parallel Sessions · D

D1 Computation
· Jamy Lee (DIRECTV, USA) & Marc Chignell (Univ. of Toronto) The Weakness Exploitation Theory of Technology Succession and the Rise of Embodied Computation
· Martina Leeker (Univ. of Köln, Germany) McLuhan Today, Seen with the Eyes of 1960′s Neo-Avantgarde and Contemporary Media Art
· Stephen Willcox (Univ. of Waterloo, Canada) Decoding the Virtual Body: Marshall McLuhan and the Disembodied Posthuman

D2 Acoustics & Aesthetics
· Colin Eatock (independent scholar, Canada) McLuhan and Gould: From Theory to Practice
· Ryo Ikeshiro (Goldsmiths College, UK) Merzbow is Not Massage: Noise Music as Antienvironment
· Erin McCurdy (Ryerson Univ.) The Integrated Perspective: Dance Documentation in an Acoustic Age
· Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof (Ryerson Univ.)Marshall McLuhan’s Acoustic Space, Julia Kristeva’s Chora, and Media Poetics

D3 Multisensorial
· Robert Bean (NSCAD Univ., Canada) The Question Concerning Obsolescence
· Suzanne De Castell & Milena Droumeva (Simon Fraser Univ., Canada) McLuhan Meets Convergence Culture: Towards a New Multimodal Discourse
· Paolo Granata (Univ. of Bologna, Italy) The Aesthetics of Marshall McLuhan: the Medium as Expressive Form
· Alexandre MacMillan (Université Paris VII, France) McLuhan’s Sensorium and the Materiality of Media and Communication


10:45–12:15 Parallel Sessions · E

E1 Geopolitics
· Inês Teixeira Botelho & Patrícia Dias (Catholic Univ. of Portugal, Portugal) The Message is “I Love You”: A McLuhanian Approach to Mobile Phone Mediated Communication
· Edward Comor (Univ. of Western Ontario, Canada) Public Diplomacy and Digital Engagement: The Use (and Misuse) of McLuhan
· Abdelrahim (Univ. of Alberta, Canada)Revolution in Egypt and the Facebook Message: Revisiting McLuhan’s electronic age

E2 Hypermedia 2.0
· Antonio Casilli (Centre Edgar-Morin, Institut Interdisciplinaire d’Anthropologie du Contemporain, France) Offline/Online Multiplexity and the Extension of Personal Networks
· Hervé Le Cosnier (Université de Caen, France) Du Village Global aux Communs Numériques
· Françoise Paquienseguy (Université Paris VIII, France) On McLuhan’s Notion of User to the Contemporary Internet User

E3 Futurology
· Marc Bélanger (RadioLabour) Marshall McLuhan and the Future of Work in a World of Information
· Martin Speer (Dortmund Technical Univ., Germany) Ellul Connected to McLuhan: The Global Village and the Propaganda Problem within Technological Environments
· Eduardo Andrés Vizer (UNILA Brazil & UBA Argentina), & Helenice Carvalho (UFRGS, Brazil) Pandora´s Box: Trends and Paradoxes in ICTs


Explorations 1951-1957: Reflections Upon the Explorations Seminar and Journal
Mediator · Janine Marchessault (York Univ., Canada)
· Michael Darroch (Univ. of Windsor, Canada)
· Reto Geiser (Rice Univ., USA)
· Harald Prins (Kansas State Univ., USA)
· Michael Wesch (Kansas State Univ., USA)

Media Ecology, Medium Theory, and McLuhan
Mediator · Moderator (Elena Lamberti, Univ. of Bologna, Italy)
· Lance Strate (Fordham Univ., USA)
· Paul Levinson (Fordham Univ., USA)
· Joshua Meyrowitz (Univ. of New Hampshire, USA)
· Julianne Newton (Univ. of Oregon), USA)

Marshall McLuhan as Educationist: Institutional Learning in a Post-Literate Age
Mediator · Alexander Kuskis (Gonzaga Univ., Canada)
· Eric McLuhan (The Harris Institute for the Arts, Canada)
· Bob Logan (Univ. of Toronto, Canada)
· Kathryn Hutchon Kawasaki
· Norm Friesen (Thompson Rivers Univ., Canada)

New Media, New Policy Redux: Homage to Liss Jeffrey
Mediator · Gale Moore (Univ. of Toronto, Canada)
· Michael Geist (Univ. of Ottawa, Canada)
· Andrew Clement (Univ. of Toronto, Canada)
· Mark Surman (Mozilla Foundation, Canada)

Global spillage: What Does McLuhan Tell Us About Reporting the News in 2011
Mediator · April Lindgren (Ryerson Univ., Canada)
· Antonella Artuso (Sun Media, Canada)
· Greg Elmer (Ryerson Univ. & Columnist at The Hill Times, Canada)
· Romina Maurino (Canadian Press)

PDF of the Provisional Conference Programme:
Link to Registration Page:
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