Inaugural Monday Night Seminar at the Coach House Institute, Toronto


NewFoundations (epistemology, ontology, ethics) for our Digital world

The first “Monday Night Seminar” in McLuhan’s Coach House takes place this Monday, October 17th at 6pm. The event is free but registration is required: .


The McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology of the Coach House Institute, Faculty of Information, resumes the Monday Night Seminars at the University of Toronto’s legendary McLuhan Coach House.


Program for Fall 2011   –   The Edge of Academe


What: Monday Night Seminar: New foundations for our digital world: epistemology, ontology, ethics

Time: 6:00-8:00 pm, Oct. 17 2011


Where: 39A Queen’s park Crescent East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5S 2C3



Discussants: Pier Giorgio di Cicco (City of Toronto second poet Laureate); Brian Cantwell Smith (Prof. of Information, Philosophy, Computer Science, Faculty of Information, Univ. of Toronto); Daniel Robinson (2011 McLuhan Centenary Visiting Fellow, Faculty of Information, Univ. of Toronto; Prof, Univ. of Western Ontario)


Probe: Lidija Sabados (Munk School of Global Affairs, Univ. of Toronto)


Forty years ago, famous media theorist and professor Marshall McLuhan taught a series of legendary Monday night seminars in the celebrated Coach House located on the physical, intellectual, and organizational boundary of the University of Toronto (UofT).


In his honour, the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology in the Coach House Institute of the UofT Faculty of Information is re-launching the Monday night seminar series at the Coach House. The program for fall 2011, The Edge of Academe, will begin on Oct. 17th, 2011.


The aim of the series is to renew the Coach House’s role as a space to enlist the most searching minds, the most intense visionaries, the fiercest imaginations and give them a still, quiet place to unfetter their imaginations & (re)think the digitally-mediated world.


Context: McLuhan foresaw that expanding digital media would reshape the very fabric of society. His vision was cultural, not technological; his methods, to look askance, and ask probing questions. In his honour, we aim not at the (so-often fetishized) technologies, digital and social media, patterns of communication, and effects of information on society. Rather, the aim of the Monday night seminars will be at a higher level. How will we fashion discourse, community, culture, authority & expertise? What will be the cartographies of learning, responsibility, and compassion in this digitally mediated landscape?


What will happen to learning, to inquiry, to critical intellectual debate? What will be the role of the university?and what will such a university be like?


We will set aside a priori commitment to institutional form, and imagine where intellectuals, (re)searchers, artists, practitioners and cultural activists can convene to explore the possibilities of inquiry, investigation, and debate. What would it be to recognize the far-flung forms of intense intellectual dialogues?from edgy seminars to off-beat journals to intense conversations in coffee-houses and parks? How can we exploit our familiarity with digital media and harness the technologies of change to unleash a vibrant future for profound, discontinuous, soul-redefining encounters?________________________________________________________________

Hosted by: iSchool, University of Toronto; St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto; McLuhan100

Facebook:   –   Twitter: McLuhan100


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