A Centenary Seminar … University of Copenhagen


the Legacy of MaRshaLL McLuhan – Revisiting the Message

Keynote speakers:

Paul Levinson, Professor of Communication & Media Studies. Fordham University, New York.
Robert Logan, Professor Emeritus. University of Toronto.

09:00 –  09:15 Arrival & coffee
09:15 –  09:30 Welcome
09:30 –  10:45   Keynote Speech by Robert Logan: McLuhan, Media, Emergence and Complexity Theory 
10:45  –  11:30 Mogens Olesen: McLuhan & Media didactics
11:30 –  12:20 Lunch
12:20  –  13:05   Thomas Pettitt: Gutenberg Galaxy and Gutenberg Parenthesis:
Reformulating the Restoration Topos
13:05  –  13:15 Coffee break
13:15 –  14:00 Troels Degn Johansson: Media Futures in Marshall McLuhan’s Canadian State of Mind
14:00  –  14:45 Hans Jørn Nielsen: Communicating Knowledge in New Media or just Communicating? – Considerations after publication of the Danish Textbook ”Nye Vidensmedier” (New Knowledge Media)
14:45 –  15:15 Coffee break
15:15  –  16:00 Erik Steinskog: The Role of the Forger: Glenn Gould and Marshall McLuhan – on Music in the Electronic Age
16:00  –  17:15  Keynote Speech by Paul Levinson: Democracy in the World McLuhan, the Arab Spring, and the Resurgence of Direct Democracy in the World
17:15  –  17:20 Goodbye

Further information
Time: Monday 31 October, 2011
Place: Festsalen, IVA/Royal School of Library and Information Science (formerly known as Biblioteksskolen). Birketinget 6, København S.
Contact: Mogens Olesen, Assistant Professor, INSS, University of Copenhagen.

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