Media Awareness Network to Focus on Digital Citizenship for Media Literacy Week 2011


Media Literacy Week - November 7-11, 2011

The McLuhan Legacy Network supports & is a collaborator with the Media Awareness Network in celebrating MEDIA LITERACY WEEK, which coincides with the International McLuhan Conference in Toronto, November 7-10 (see )

Overview – Media Literacy Week was conceived in 2006 under the name National Media Education Week to promote media literacy as a key component in the education of young people and to encourage the integration and the practice of media education in Canadian homes, schools and communities.

Media are powerful forces in the lives of youth. Young people are immersed in media, moving beyond geographical and regulatory boundaries as they access, absorb, communicate, create and repurpose media content. And they’re doing this largely without guidance and often without reflection.

To be media literate in this new environment, young people need to develop knowledge, values and a range of critical thinking, communication and information management skills – and media education is an essential tool in helping them acquire these skills.

Media Awareness Network (MNet) and Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) are working with an advisory committee, teacher and media education organizations and community groups to develop and promote a wide range of media education resources, professional development programs and youth activities in support of the week.

This year’s themeMedia Awareness Network(MNet) and the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) today unveiled the theme for this year’s annual Media Literacy Week– Digital Citizenship – calling on Canadians to encourage young people to reflect on their online lives, and their rights and responsibilities as they navigate the digital world. 

“Through digital media, young people have a platform for communication and engagement that was nonexistent a generation ago. Adults have a huge role to play in ensuring youth also have the critical thinking skills to use this technology wisely and responsibly,” said Cathy Wing, MNet’s Co-Executive Director. “With this year’s theme we want to encourage youth to use digital media for positive activities – for advocacy, creative expression and civic engagement.” 

For her part, CTF President Mary-Lou Donnelly explains how teachers play a pivotal role to help their students become active and responsible citizens in a global and increasingly complex world. “Technology has opened doors on issues related to the environment, civic engagement and social justice. Teachers’ fundamental role will continue to be in helping students develop lifelong skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, information literacy, global awareness and multiple knowledges.”

This year the week will take place Nov. 7-11, 2011 and events are already being organized in homes, classrooms, and communities across the country. The list of collaborators includes: Manitoba Education, Canadian Library Association, London Public Library, Gulf Islands Film & Television School, TeachKidsNews and The Manitoba Museum. Whether a student film festival, online challenge, panel discussion, workshop or film screening, Media Literacy Week offers events for all ages.

Media Literacy Week is proud to be welcoming back YouTube as a Gold Sponsor and Bell as a Silver Sponsor. To find out more on the week and how you can get involved, visit the Media Literacy Week Web site:

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