Piazza McLuhan Then | Now | Next – Toronto


The Italian Cultural Institute invites you to celebrate the centenary of Marshall McLuhan’s birth at:
Placing and Experiencing Change

Wednesday, November 9, 2011, 7pm–9pm  
Centre For Social Innovation, 215 Spadina Avenue, 4th Floor, Toronto   
Free admission 

In the year 2011 the whole world celebrates Marshall McLuhan’s birth. The Canadian ‘media guru’ fostered a revolution in communication studies; he changed the way in which we interpret the environmental dynamics affecting historical and cultural processes through time. Today the originality of McLuhan’s ideas is rediscovered in the light of the long term impact that new technologies have on both the human factor and societies: identity, history, memory, and community are crucial themes in McLuhan’s thought, constituting a methodological frame within which we can reassess global technological, political and cultural dynamics. 

The Italian Cultural Institute will join the celebration with a special event co-promoted within the International Conference “Then/Now/Next, Toronto Nov 7-10 2001”. PIAZZA MCLUHAN THEN | NOW | NEXT: Placing and Experiencing Change will be an exciting meeting place for explorers coming from all around the world to share their perceptions on time, space and change. It is a crossroad of past and present experiences, as well as the perfect outpost to map the new media, social and cultural-scapes of the future. Coming to Piazza McLuhan is a way to travel through time and to space to question when was it that we started to unconsciously/consciously accept change as a constant and accelerated leitmotif in our lives.

Costis Dallas (Panteion Univ. of Social and Political Sciences, Greece), Derrick de Kerchove (University of Toronto),Paolo Granata (University of Bologna), Stephen Kovatch (Berlino, Transmediale), Elena Lamberti (University of Bologna), Robert K. Logan, (OCAD Toronto), Cristina Miranda de Almeida (IN3 – Universitat Oberta de Catalunya),Peppino Ortoleva (Università di Torino), Lance Strate (Fordham University), Dominique Scheffel Dunand (McLuhan Program), Yoni Van Den Eede (Free University of Brussels), Eduardo Andrés Vizer (UNILA Brazil & UBA Argentina) will take turn on a series of merry-go-rounds unspooling memories, ideas, facts and curiosities following the publication of Marshall McLuhan’s volume Understanding Media. The Extensions of Man. It was 1964, the year which brought winds of change across the world: from Berkley Free Speech Movement to Radio Caroline, from Moore’s law to the free publication of hardcore reviews, the global village consolidated and entered a vortex of change wrapping the human factor and technological progress in a unique embrace.

Piazza McLuhan is an official event of The McLuhan 100 • Then | Now | Next conference & festival promoted by The University of Toronto Faculty of Information, in conjunction with Ryerson University, York University, OCAD University, the City of Toronto, and numerous other city cultural institutions: http://mcluhan.ischool.utoronto.ca  


Image of the painting "la città ideale" attributed to Luciano Laurana which is kept at the Palazzo Ducale of Urbino.-


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