Lecture – The Future of the Book: An Old Figure in a New Ground, Toronto


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Why not a solution that has elements of both?

Unfortunately notice of this lecture by Dr. Bob Logan comes late due to late room assignment.

The Future of the Book: An Old Figure in a New Ground – Robert K. Logan – logan@physics.utoronto.ca

 Abstract: The title of this talk is taken from the book that McLuhan and I wrote The Future of the Library: An Old Figure in a New Ground and it will do for the book what the book we wrote did for the library way back in 1979. The battle that rages between the advocates of the eBook and the pBook (the printed book) is unnecessary. I will propose that a platform, the sBook (short for smart book) that joins the eBook and the pBook creates a hybrid with the advantages of both and advantages that neither have by themselves. The barcode on a pBook is used to take the owner of the book to a pass word protected Web site where the digital version of the book resides along with the following features: a search engines for the book, a social media facility to allow readers to leave comments and network and allow the author to react to comments and to update the book. No book is ever completed as most authors like me find things they wish they could add to their book once it goes to press. Second editions of books invariably have new material. The feature to allow reader comments to be captured makes the book operate like a blog so that the sBook also becomes a blook, a hybrid of the blog and the book. Finally the sBook platform would include a recommender system that would capture the profile of the information and research interests of the reader and identify the pages of the book that are most relevant to those interests. The impact of the sBook on libraries, book stores and research will also be addressed in this talk. Plans for how this platform will be used to create the McLuhan Knowledge Network associated with the International Journal of McLuhan Studies will be described.
Location: Room 403, Carr Hall, St. Michael’s College, U of Toronto
Time/Date: 2 PM, Friday, November 25  
 image of the entrance to carr hall

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