Marshall McLuhan Remembered in the Philippines


The University of San Jose – Recoletos 

USJ-R hosts 15th Marshall McLuhan Forum

by Pearl Marie Cabiluna, December 10, 2011

The Embassy of Canada along with USJ-R College of Arts and Sciences staged the annual Marshall McLuhan Forum last December 2 at the Center for Performing Arts of USJ-R.

Marshall McLuhan Fellow of the Year and Mind a News Editor-in-Chief Carolyn Arguillas served as the main speaker of the event. Aguilas’ talk, which was entitled “Reporting from Mindanao: Assertions from the Margins,” focused on Philippine media’s influence on Mindanao.

According to her, media should be a medium of spreading information but not to the extent that they would inculcate wrong ideas to the minds of people. Aguilas stressed out that a lot of books are immensely showing only the negative side of the region, that Mindanao is often associated directly to war zones and rebels. She also proposed ways on how people could correct these notions and that media is also its own remedy.

“Media is very powerful,” TV Patrol Central Visayas Reporter Reno Tallada mentioned. As one of the reactor, Tallada conveyed that there is more than just informing, that there are also limits in media and that we should also be sensitive of what we tell the public.

Mass Communication majors from University of the Philippines, Saint Theresa’s College, Benedicto College, University of the Visayas, Cebu Technological University, Cebu Normal University and University of San Jose- Recoletos participated in the annual forum.

 USJ-R main campus

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