CFP – Infoamerica: 100 años de McLuhan | 100 years of McLuhan


From my colleague Laureano Ralon, publisher of the Figure/Ground Communication blog:

Infoamérica’s Iberoamerican Communication Reviewis an academic publication, with no lucrative activities, edited by the UNESCO Chair of Communication of the University of Málaga (Spain), which is edited on paper and digitally (, with a big international visibility (2.015.880 visits, November 2009 October 2010). The publication is endorsed by a broad scientific committee and is about approaching big monographic topics from a critical and diverse point of view, always searching for the academic excellence in the work.

This year, Infoamérica-ICR will dedicate a double-issue of their peer-reviewed journal to Marshall McLuhan. I am honored to have been asked to contribute to this special publication with an original article in Spanish as well as a Spanish translation of Elizabeth Eisenstein’s interview with Figure/Ground (with the approval of Professor Eisenstein).

Please note that their deadline is March 1st and they accept manuscripts in various languages, as ICR is a multilingual journal. Here’s the URL:

Laureano Ralon

El próximo número doble de Infoamérica-ICR (7 y 8) estará dedicado a la figura de Marshall McLuhan en el centenario de su nacimiento. Desde estas páginas, convocamos a los autores del espacio académico al envío, antes del 1 de marzo de 2012, de trabajos originales (redactados en español, portugués, francés o inglés) para su evaluación y publicación (Normas de estilo y otras informaciones sobre los originales).

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