Creative minds in Oshawa focus on Marshall McLuhan


Robert McLaughlin Gallery  Robert McLaughlin Gallery

Will McGuirk – Feb 03, 2012 – 4:30 AM –  Creative minds in Oshawa push out more ideas

Media whiz Marshall McLuhan’s work is enjoying a renaissance. After last year’s celebrations around the centennial of his birth, the guru of the global village has become his own message.

Folks are looking to his teachings circa 1960s/70s to light the way forward in this new world we find ourselves in, a world it could be said he predicted. So if he got this part right, what has he to say about what’s next? Marshall saw the future in the present and if one applied his Laws of Media to it one could make a reasonable guesstimate of what is down the pipeline. Good to know for anyone in business, media business in particular.

The Robert McLaughlin Gallery hosted renowned McLuhan expert and friend to the man, Dr. Bob Logan, last Monday. Those in attendance were treated to a witty take on new media, the Occupy movement, Twitter and of course an overview of McLuhan’s works and legacy.

I sat next to Sally Grande of the Oshawa Library, aka the Carrot Lady, (her work is on display at Beanz). Sally hosted a monthly McLuhan roundtable quite some time ago and between us we have decided to, well, to quote McLuhan … “retrieve” it. The gallery has offered to host the get-together and I will let you know when there are more details.

This speaks to how such gatherings of creative minds such as that event on Monday evening (facilitated by the UOIT communications department and the Rotary Club) continue to push out more and more ideas, most of them with some element of social practice. McLuhan said look to the artist if you wish to understand the world. Many of us agree with him. More should see why. Those who are vested in our downtown’s future should also pay heed to Marshall’s view of artist as beacon. Local art needs to be shown for the future to be understood.

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