New Book: Of Ong & Media Ecology: Essays in Communication, Composition, & Literary Studies


This new book is obviously not about Marshall McLuhan, but as one of the founding fathers of media ecology, any new title about media ecology will be of interest to anyone interested in McLuhan’s ideas. Marshall McLuhan was Walter Ong’s MA thesis supervisor when he taught at Saint Louis University during the period from 1938 to 1944. See the earlier article on this blog at .

Of Ong and Media Ecology: Essays in Communication, Composition, and Literary Studies

Title: Of Ong and Media Ecology
Sub-title: Essays in Communication, Composition, and Literary Studies
Editor(s): Thomas J. Farrell and Paul A. Soukup
Publish Date: January 2012
Pages: 364
Format: Paper
Code: 978-1-61289-075-3

Each of the essays in this collection builds on the scholarship or ideas of Walter J. Ong, S.J., and, in so doing, suggests fruitful avenues of exploration for contemporary scholars. Taken as a whole, these essays call attention to human expression and expressiveness—orality, writing, print, decoration: the whole variety of human communication. Grounded is disciplines ranging from anthropology to literature, the essays both show the increasing value of Ong’s thought and the wonderful contribution it makes to understanding human life.

Contents: Introduction: Ong’s Phenomenological History of the Noosphere, Thomas J. Farrell and Paul A. Soukup. Walter Ong, S.J.: A Retrospective, Paul A. Soukup, S.J. Ong’s Call for a Revolution in Our Thinking , Thomas J. Farrell. Presence and Interiority: Walter Ong’s Contribution to a Diachronic Phenomenology of Voice, Corey Anton. Sounding Out Ong: Orality Across the Media Environments, Lance Strate. World as Event: Aspects of Chipewyan Ontology, David M. Smith. Commentary and Xiaoshuo Fiction, Timothy C. Wong. Cinematically Speaking: The Impact of Orality on Indian Popular Film, 1950s-1990s, Sheila J. Nayar. The Hawstead Panels: Applied Emblematics, Walter Ong, and the Discourse of Women in Early Modern England, Anna Marie Roos. Memory and Media: The Narrative Ideas of Walter J. Ong With Demonstrations from Texts by Homer, Gray, Longfellow, Mary Shelley, and Shelley Jackson, Sharon Cumberland. Faith in Pretext: An Ongian Context for The Confidence-Man, Thomas D. Zlatic. Imitation in Classical and Current-Traditional Rhetoric:Reading/Writing Instruction and the Dynamics of Orality and Literacy, James C. McDonald. Ong’s Work and College Writing Instruction: A Modest Proposal, Thomas J. Farrell. The Polemic Cast of Discourse: History, Communication Studies, and Pedagogy, Ralph Beliveau and Anthony Palmeri. About the Authors. Author Index. Subject Index.


Father Walter J. Ong, SJ (1912-2003)
This year is the centenary of his birth.

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