Dr. Robert Logan’s Upcoming Lecture Tour of Brazil


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Dr. Robert Logan of the University of Toronto and OCAD University is flying to Brazil for a 3-week-lecture tour,  speaking to faculty and students at select universities on Marshall McLuhan-related topics. His lectures will be based on his research and writings in such works as McLuhan Misunderstood, What is Information, Understanding New Media, The Alphabet Effect, The Sixth Language, The Extended Mind and others.

His schedule includes the following:-

Porto Alegre, March 12 – Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

São Leopoldo, March 13 – Universidade do Vale do Rio do Sinos 

Fortaleza, March 15-16 – Federal University of Ceara

São Paulo, March 19-22 – Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo

Rio de Janeiro March 27-30 – Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro 

Flag of Brazil
On how McLuhan’s work has been received in Brazil, Dr. Adriana Braga, Logan’s host in Brazil, writes the following:- 
How much interest is there in McLuhan in Brazil ? 
Adriana: The book “Understanding Media” was translated into Portuguese and launched in Brazil in 1967 and since then it remains in print. Many Communication schools adopted it. The aphorism “The medium is the message” became very famous, but was used also by many media companies to promote and highlight their activities. After that, his name became synonymous with technological determinism and the absence of political concerns on media issues. Nowadays, as in the rest of the world, there is a revival of McLuhan’s work. Some researchers are dealing with his theoretical approach to elaborate a comprehension of media phenomena. Thus, his name and reputation have been retrieved. 
Are McLuhan’s ideas taught in Brazilian schools & universities?                                    
Adriana: McLuhan’s theory is part of the curriculum of classical theories taught in the basic undergraduate courses in Journalism, Advertising, Cinema, and all courses in Communication. In Graduate courses, it is different. There are few programs that mention this ideas. I try to promote these ideas. Each year, I teach a course on media ecology at the Graduate Program of Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and the students seem to be very interested with the development of McLuhan’s theories. The visit of Robert Logan to different parts of Brazil is part of this effort.

 Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janiero (PUC)

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