Leap into Hyperspace with Eric McLuhan


Front Wall, Right Part, Tutankhamun's Burial Chamber - god Anubis, on left, leads Tutankhamun before goddess Hathor, on right, who gives the breath of life to King Tut through the nostrils with the ankh.  The symbols of life, prosperity, time and eternity are directly over Tut's head.

8:00 pm Friday April 20th

The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto

14 Elm Street, Toronto

RSVP Margaret Logan margloga@gmail.com 

Join us on Friday April 20th for a fascinating presentation and interactive session with Eric McLuhan. Eric will present to us the world’s first moving images, which date back to 3200 BC during the reign of the Egyptian dynasty. Eric will present a series of images, all created in the Egyptian “canonical style,” and show you how they work. With a little (guided) practice you will be able to see them move yourself. Once familiar with this stage, you can see them turn from movement into the most amazing 3D images you never saw before. Eric has been working on these perceptions and ideas over the last three decades; with his guidance, we will make the leap into hyperspace! All are welcome, especially artists and new media specialists. However, space is limited so please express your interest in attending by RSVP to Margaret Logan margloga@gmail.com


Photograph taken by Michael McLuhan

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