Intersection – Mansaram & McLuhan


Ed Video Gallery

Collages, paintings, and media art by P. Mansaram inspired by and in collaboration with Marshall McLuhan from 1966 to 2012

June 4-29, 2012 with Reception on Friday, June 8 at 7pm

Soon after P. Mansaram immigrated to Canada in 1966, he became friends with the influential media theorist Marshall McLuhan.  A productive working relationship developed, leading to numerous collaborations on several projects.  In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, Mansaram’s work inspired and created with McLuhan was exhibited at the Picture Loan Gallery, and he organized happenings at the eminent Isaacs Gallery in Toronto.  The Rear View Mirror series of collages, collaborative paintings, films, audio and performances were shown and were well documented.  Forty years later, this same work, along with recent projects, will be featured at Ed Video Gallery at Intersection.  

Featured will be the Rear View Mirror series of collages created between 1966 and 1972.  This series combines elements from both Eastern and Western culture, a central theme of Mansaram’s work and McLuhan’s theories.  Parallels are drawn between the hyper-vivid and frenetic culture of India and McLuhan’s ideas about the complexity and influence of mass media.  Intersection also features films and videos, covers he designed for McLuhan’s books, and displays of correspondence documenting their friendship.  A new surround sound audio installation has been created from an interview Mansaram conducted with McLuhan in 1967.  McLuhan discusses the prevalent ideas of that time – the East’s influence on the West, the hippie movement, the psychedelic experience, and how electronic communications change our perception of time and space.  Almost half a century later, McLuhan’s prophetic ideas continue to define and clarify our media-saturated world. 

Panchal Mansaram – Bio and Chronology 
BORN- I was born in Mount Abu. This scenic part of Rajasthan, India, is where
Maharajas built summer palaces during Colonial rule. This is also famous for special Rock Formations, and for tenth/twelfth century Delwara Jain Temples, which some think to be more beautiful than the Taj Mahal.
EDUCATION- Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai, India 1954-59
1963-64, at the State Academy of Fine Arts, Amsterdam, Netherlands on a Dutch
Government Fellowship.
PRACTICE- My art practice has gone through various phases, and varieties of media, currently working in mixed-media, a special blend which I have termed as Mansa-media.

See details of art practice at

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