Explorations in Media Ecology– Marshall McLuhan Centenary Issue Announcement


EME explores the relationships between media, technology, symbolic form, communication, consciousness, and culture. Its scope is interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary. Media ecology provides a rich philosophical, historical and practical context for studying our increasingly technological and mediated society and culture with an emphasis on historical context.
Media ecology scholarship emphasizes a humanistic approach to understanding media, communication, and technology, with special emphasis on the ways in which we have been and continue to be shaped and influenced by our inventions and innovation. The Media ecology approach is predicated on understanding that media, symbols, and technologies play a leading role in human affairs, and function as largely invisible environments affecting the way we think, feel, act, and organize ourselves collectively. Publisher: Intellect in association with The Media Ecology Association .

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pp. 179-183(5) 
Author: Grosswiler, Paul

McLuhan and Phenomenology 
pp. 185-206(22) 
Authors: Ralon, Laureano; Vieta, Marcelo
Yuri Rozhdestvensky Versus Marshall McLuhan: A Triumph Versus a Vortex 
pp. 263-278(16) 
Authors: Polski, Maria; Gorman, Lawrence
Two Solitudes in the Global Village 
pp. 295-302(8) 
Author: Slater, Jonathan R.
On Disciplining Media Ecology 
pp. 335-346(12) 
Author: Cali, Dennis D.
Is the Internet the New Temple? McLuhan Looks at Religion Looks at McLuhan 
pp. 347-357(11) 
Author: Osicki, Ryszard (Richard) J.
pp. 359-365(7) 
Authors: Anton, Corey; Dress, Abby   http://tinyurl.com/csw9gjt

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