New Book: Know Thyself: Action and Perception — Book 3 the Human Equation Toolkit


Eric McLuhan and Wayne Constantineau

The late Wayne Constantineau was a mime and scholar who left behind him, at his death in 2006, his studies on mime and the insights of Marshall McLuhan.

Eric McLuhan

Eric McLuhan, who is bringing these studies to fruition in The Human Equation Toolkit, is also the author of Laws of Media(written with Marshall McLuhan), Electric Language, and The Role of Thunder in Finnegans Wake. He is also the editor of several collections of his father’s work. Visit Eric McLuhan’s site.

Know Thyself

Action and Perception — Book 3 The Human Equation Toolkit
Eric McLuhan and Wayne Constantineau
Illustrator: Heidi Overhill

THE THIRD OF FIVE BOOKS in a groundbreaking new series, The Human Equation Toolkit.

“We are very lucky indeed that Eric McLuhan and Wayne Constantineau are carrying on the McLuhan tradition of fearless investigation into territories that yield extraordinary insight. Strange and fascinating works.” —Douglas Coupland

In Books 1 and 2 of  The Human Equation series, mime Wayne Constantineau and scholar Eric McLuhan explore the four postures and the four modes of action. They show how the postures (standing, lying down, kneeling, sitting) combine with the modes of action (isometric pressure, displacement, configuration, articulation) to provide the basis of all developments in culture, science, activity, and media. Now, in Book 3 of the series, they investigate the interplay between these modes and the modes of perception. “Know yourself” becomes a journey that Socrates — and perhaps even the Delphic Oracle —never could have imagined: a sense-opening odyssey into the pathological and physiological effects of the media — or extensions — of humanity.

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5 Responses to “New Book: Know Thyself: Action and Perception — Book 3 the Human Equation Toolkit”

  1. 1 Marco

    Awesome. This unifies every thing, without leveling. I watch out for the rest of the series. Anybody knows if there’s any related workshop in Europe, or anywhere else?

    • Unfortunately, the principal author of this system, Wayne Constantineau, died several years ago and there are no workshops on it in Europe, North America, or anywhere else. But you might be interested in this article by him: ……..AlexK

      • 3 Marco

        Thanks for telling. That is sad in many ways. I could see this book series are posthumous. I was more wondering (sorry for my english) about the tantalizing related materials that would complete the Toolkit, DVD, website, programs etc referred to in the publisher’s note at the end of the books, and the rest of the series. I did try to contact the publisher and Eric to no avail. I do hope this work will be carried on, it is too important.
        Thank you very much for your links, it’s a lot of material. Problably you already know this other article by Constantineau about parallel lifes of Decroux and M. McLuhan:

        Marco G

  2. Marco, thank you for that link. No, I wasn’t aware of it & will add it to the collection of McLuhan-related links and also pass it on to Eric. Wayne Constantineau was an original & I do hope that some creative person picks up on his heritage & ideas one day.

    A book you might be interested in is Who Was Marshall McLuhan?, that was co-edited by Wayne Constsntineau, Barrington Nevitt & Marshall’s brother, Maurice McLuhan, and published by Stoddart in Toronto, 1994. See

    You can buy inexpensive used copies of it from


    • 5 Marco García

      Thanks Alex, I’ve just found it even cheaper in amazon uk. One more for the collection.

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