The Children’s Own Media Museum, Inspired by Marshall McLuhan, Exhibit at Harbourfront, Toronto


by Robert Logan

The Children’s Own Media Museum Inspired by Marshall McLuhan (COMM) with much support from the The McLuhan Legacy Network held a very successful weekend interactive exhibit of hi-tech and hi-touch media at Harbourfront over the three days of the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Exhibits included arduino circuits, a 3D printer, robots of all sorts, very large cardboard building blocks that kids built structures with, arts and crafts tables, curator kits housed in a cardboard box that the children curated and created, a magnetic board that children attached magnetic letters and magnetized images of different forms of media, a homage to McLuhan including a continuous loop of McLuhan videos.  Our exhibition was a smash hit. We saw a little over 1600 people this weekend. I collected 144 comments from parents and kids all positive and extremely enthusiastic and we have over 100 email addresses of people looking for more activities from the COMM. I knew this event was going to be great, but I had no idea how great it was. We also had 5 new people who want to get involved with the COMM as volunteers. For more about the museum and the exhibit at Harbourfront go to .

Children's Own Museum - Toronto, ON

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