Lecture: Harold Innis & His Influence on Communication Today, Toronto

Innis, Harold, the first Canadian-born theorist to achieve an international reputation in communication studies (courtesy Library and Archives Canada/NLC-12491).
Anyone interested in Harold Innis and his influence on 
information and communication today should mark January 24th on 
your calendars. 

"Harold Innis, Information Management and the Topographic 
Revolution Communication”: a talk by John Bonnett (CRC at 
Brock University)  

Co-sponsored by the Toronto Centre for the Book and UofT Faculty 
of Information.

When: January 24th, 4:00 p.m   

Where: University of Toronto Faculty of Information, 140 
St. George Street, Bissell Building, Room 728.        
Details: http://www.ischool.utoronto.ca/events/haroldinnis 
Harold Innis

Harold Innis in the 1920s
Born November 5, 1894
Died November 8, 1952 (aged 58)
Occupation University of Toronto economic historian and communications scholar
Known for The Fur Trade in Canada.Empire and Communications.The Bias of Communication.
Influenced by Thorstein Veblen
Influenced Marshall McLuhan

Courtesy of Wikipedia

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