Digital Engagement: America’s Use (and Misuse) of Marshall McLuhan


There is no question that Marshall McLuhan’s ideas are misused and abused, often by those who have never read him closely or even at all. Blameworthy are business executives, advertisers, politicians and tech types who utter banalities about “the medium is the message”, the “global village”, hot versus cool mediums and other ill-understood ideas.

This is just an abstract of this article, which faculty and university students will need to source at their university libraries. The only alternative for those without access to an academic library is to purchase it at a rediculous price – one article for the cost of a book. No open source scholarship here, just for-profit publishing……….AlexK

New Political Science

Volume 35Issue 1, 2013

DOI: 10.1080/07393148.2012.754666   –   Edward Comora, pages 1-18
First page Image


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