Media Ecology Association Convention 2013 to Focus on Unplugged Theme

 Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA  
Posted on May 13, 2013

Media ecology “unplugged” is the theme of an upcoming convention in Grand Rapids hosted by Grand Valley State University.

The 14th Annual Convention of the Media Ecology Association, June 20–23, “unplugged” theme captures the wide span of environmental mediation prior to the wired and plugged-in revolution of mass media. This mediation includes architecture, literacy, urban design, transportation, art, and other discursive and non-discursive forms. 

The “unplugged” theme also turns attention to recent and cutting-edge technologies that have de-tethered users from the plug. These include satellites, nanotechnology, robotics, genetic engineering, modern pharmacology, cell phones, Bluetooth, e-readers, solar cells, green technologies, neuroscience, and much more.

Featured speakers at the conference include Morris Berman, author of the Trilogy on Human Consciousness and The Twilight of American Culture; Lance Strate, former MEA president and author of The Binding Biases of Time; and Dominique Scheffel-Dunand, the director of the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology at the University of Toronto. 

For more information contact convention coordinators: 
Corey Anton, professor GVSU School of Communications, author of Selfhood and Authenticity, winner of the 2004 Erving Goffman Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Ecology of Social Interaction, presented by the Media Ecology Association
Valerie V. Peterson, associate professor GVSU School of Communications, whose recent publications include the book Sex, Ethics and Communication.

The online pre-registration deadline is May 15 to avoid price increase when paid at the conference. Student registration is discounted. Membership in the Media Ecology Association is open to anyone— faculty, students, business people, professionals—interested in exploring the interactions between media, communications, and culture.
The conference sponsors include the Provost’s Office, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the School of Communications.

Detailed convention information available here: 

Register online here:

The preliminary conference program is available here: .

Photo of Media Ecology Association

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