Marshall McLuhan on Video: Future Education, Telecommuting, Global Connectivity (1965)


McLuhan predicts ‘world connectivity’

He was a man of idioms and idiosyncrasies, deeply intelligent and a soothsayer. He had prescient knowledge of the Internet. Although educated in literature, Marshall McLuhan was known as a pop philosopher because his theories applied to mini-skirts and the twist. For his ability to keep up with the cutting edge, one colleague called him “The Runner.” Critics said he destroyed literary values. Today, McLuhan’s ideas are new again, applied to the electronic media that he predicted.

We waste too much time racing from home to office, says Marshall McLuhan, an English professor at the University of Toronto who’s becoming known internationally for his study on the effects of media. Society’s obsession with files and folders forces office workers to make the daily commute from the suburbs to downtown. McLuhan says the stockbroker is the smart one. He learned some time ago that most business may be conducted from anywhere if done by phone. McLuhan’s prescient knowledge: In the future, people will no longer only gather in classrooms to learn but will also be moved by “electronic circuitry.” (CBC Digital Archives, )

Key Themes & Ideas:  We live ahead of our thinking – classroom without walls – learning via circuitry – telecommuting will replace commuting to work – we only need to go to the office for files (data) – business can be done electronically – human need to categorize – marketing is speeded up beyond production 


Learning by “electronic circuitry”: e-Learning/Online Learning

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