Eric McLuhan’s Keynote at the Crossmedia Banff 2013 Conference, Alberta


A view of the Trans Canada Pipeline building and Cascade Mountain

The Banff Centre is located in Banff National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The spectacular beauty of the Canadian Rockies surrounds our campus spread over 43 acres of land on the west side of Tunnel Mountain and just a few blocks from downtown Banff.

CROSSMEDIA BANFF 2013, is a Digital MashUp of 30 of the most innovative companies and creators in motion, mobile, marketing, publishing and gaming. Using rapid-fire demos, leading entrepreneurs and academics will present their business models while discussing innovation in the future of the digital ecosystem. The program will open in the Canadian Rockies with a keynote speech by Dr. Eric McLuhan, co-author of “Laws of Media” written with his legendary father, Marshall McLuhan.

Eric’s keynote is titled Innovation Comes in Fours. Starting with a joke as his father always did, his presentation is divided into 3 parts: figure/ground theory, the Laws of Media and media as extensions of humans, and the human equation dealing with the 4 bodily postures that are equivalent to the Laws of Media. To save yourself time, start at minute 24 when Eric is introduced and follow as far as minute 45 when it ends.

Unfortunately the embedding code does not work correctly, so follow this link to view the video:


4 Responses to “Eric McLuhan’s Keynote at the Crossmedia Banff 2013 Conference, Alberta”

  1. It is ironic the the message received from the link states that the video is “not available for this mobile device”.

  2. 3 John Bessai

    That link doesn’t seem to working either.


    • Sorry, but it works from my laptop just fine. Someone else reported that they got a message from the site indicating that the video is “not available for this mobile device”. If you’re trying to access it with a tablet or smartphone, try using a computer if that’s possible……..Alex

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