The McLuhan-Bissell Collection, iSchool, University of Toronto



Portrait of Claude Bissell outside the president’s office, Simcoe Hall, U of T

In 2011, the Information Services team at the Inforum received a donation-in-kind from the wife of Claude T. Bissell. While president of U of T, Bissell became friends with Marshall McLuhan and as friends, McLuhan often made gifts of his work to Bissell and, in turn, Bissell made sure to watch for material written about or in response to McLuhan. When Bissell passed away in 2000, he had a significant collection of material by and about McLuhan in his personal library which his wife and daughter saw fit to donate to the Inforum. The donation was a modest yet valuable collection of works by and about Marshall McLuhan. The McLuhan-Bissell collection chronicles McLuhan’s life-work and includes major works, personal letters, extensive annotations, and much more. The donated material comes in monographic, serial, ephemeral, and archival format and totals 92 items overall. The collection has been sorted into two boxes that are packaged by weight. Box one contains serials, monographs, and other materials, while box two only holds monographs. Page 12 contains a listing of the contents of each box.

You can download a pdf Finding Aid for this collection from .


As a bonus, here’s a short biography of Marshall McLuhan in pdf written by Claude Bissell that he published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Canada, Issue 19, 1981, the year after McLuhan died: location and availability presently not known 

“Risk more than others think is safe

Care more than others think is wise

Dream more than others think is practical

Expect more than others think is possible” – Claude Bissell

2 Responses to “The McLuhan-Bissell Collection, iSchool, University of Toronto”

  1. 1 granatapaolo

    Very nice!!!! Thanks Alex! Paolo

  2. Buon giorno, Paolo! I’m sorry I couldn’t get down to the mini-conference at Ryerson. Will you be in Toronto for the 50th anniversary of the opening of MM’s Centre for Culture & Technology on Ocr 23/24?

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