Mansaram Featured at Experimenta 2013, Bangalore, India


Canadian-Indian artist Mansaram’s films, “Rear View Mirror”, “Intersect” and “Devi Stuffed Goat and Pink Cloth” were  screened at Experimenta 2013, India’s first and only independent festival celebrating moving image art. Presented in Bangalore, India, this groundbreaking festival showcased over 50 films and videos from across the world, hosted live experimental music performances, installations, and talks over 5 days at the Max Mueller Bhavan and Badami House. Curated by Shai Heredia, Mansaram’s featured work captures elements of Marshall McLuhan’s prophetic ideas that continue to define and clarify our media-saturated world. 

1st December| Sunday | 5:30pm | 30mins | MMB

Curated by Shai Heredia

Panchal Mansaram was born in 1934 in Mount Abu, Rajasthan. In 1966, Mansaram immigrated to Canada, where he met Marshall Mcluhan and A.V. Isaacs. In this series of films and videos Mansaram’s work captures elements of McLuhan’s prophetic ideas that continue to define and clarify our media-saturated world.

1. ‘Rear View Mirror’ Canada/India 1966-2011 16mm on video sound 13 min
“I had the privilege of meeting Marshall McLuhan, soon after arrival in Canada from India. I was already impressed by his ideas through magazines back home. Encouraged by him I did a mixed media concert at the Isaacs Gallery in Toronto, titled East West Intersect, in 67. Later I started doing a series of paintings titled Rear View Mirror in early 70’s, the title borrowed from McLuhan. I was inspired to do a film on the same subject. It was shown in India and Canada. In 2011, I had reedited this film as part of a show at Ed Video media art Centre in Guelph. As in the case of ‘Rear View Mirror’ we are constantly creating our past, while living in the present. Past appears in present in various forms; paintings, drawings, photos, memories, words, sculptures, films. I have woven some of those remnants thru this medium.” – P. M.

Descriptions of Mansaram’s other two films can be found in the full Experimenta 2013 programe (pdf):



Marshall McLuhan and P. Mansaram at the opening for Mansaram’s ‘Rear View Mirror’ exhibition at the Picture Loan Gallery in Toronto, 1974.

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