transmediale & The Embassy of Canada in Berlin present the 2014 McLuhan Lecture

  Douglas Coupland

Douglas Coupland McLuhan Lecture 2014: Space Junk

Time: Tue, 28.1. 18:30h – 20:00h     –     Doors open: 18:00

Event start: 18:30 (please present a valid photo-ID at the door and allow sufficient time for Embassy security)

Embassy of Canada, Leipziger Platz 17, 10117 Berlin

In English; free admission, please register via:

The transmediale Marshall McLuhan Lecture invites a Canadian cultural figure, whose work expands on McLuhan’s media theories in the context of contemporary culture and society. This year, the Canadian writer and visual artist Douglas Coupland will deliver the lecture, entitled Space Junk. Following his iconic writings on the first digital workers Microserfs in the 1990s to the digital natives of JPod (2006) and his biography of McLuhan You Know Nothing of my Work! (2011), Coupland will use his unique way of expressing ideas—almost a form of stand-up comedy—to explore the ultimate fate of our junk data and where hyperdigitization will take us in the end. As he alternates between the sacred and the profane, a new form of discourse emerges that engages both academic and populist spheres. (Source: )

On transmediale’s 2014 programme:

Douglas Coupland is a Canadian novelist, visual artist and designer. His first novel in 1991 was Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture. He has published thirteen novels, a collection of short stories, seven nonfiction books, and a number of dramatic works and screenplays for film and television. Coupland’s novels and visual work synthesize high and low culture, web technology, religion, and changes in human existence caused by modern technologies.

Read this article, Douglas Coupland – Never Left Art School, on his life & art:

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