Explorations in Media Ecology, Volume 12 Published by Intellect Ltd.


EME Editor Paul Grosswiler announces that Explorations in Media Ecology {EME} 12:1&2 (2013) is in the mail to MEA members. EME 12.3&4 (2013), with a special section on Probing the Boundaries of Media Ecology, guest-edited by Rob MacDougall, Peter Zhang and Bob Logan, is ready to be distributed soon. Both issues of EME volume 12 have been posted online at the publisher Intellect’s website http://tinyurl.com/nhp327v .

EME VOLUME 12 ISSUE 1-2     –     Table of Contents

Editorial   –   Paul Grosswiler


Telepresence and the ethics of digital cheating   –   Brett Lunceford

The message is the mode: Modes in digital media and media theory   –   Eric Jenkins

Reconfigurations: Unfolding the spaces of mobile listening   –   Helma Sawatzky

Locative Communication: Place as a medium?   –   Macello Medeiros

Baguio city and the politics of space: Creativity and innovation in a globalizing world   –   Anna Christie K. Villarba-Torres

Eighteenth-century mapping of Cape Breton Island   –   Erna MacLeod

Screening the future: Ground/figure relations and media inheritance in WALL-E   –   Norman Taylor


Merging pedagogies and converging media: Classical~meets critical in the digital age   –   John J. Jasso

Book Reviews

Amor Technologiae: Marshall McLuhan as Philosopher of Technology   Toward a Philosophy of Human-Media Relationships, Yoni Van Den Eede (2012) Brussels, Belgium: ASP VUB Press, 517 pp., ISBN: 978-9057181870, p/bk,  29.95   –   Laureano Ralon

Titanic Century: Media, Myth and the Making of a Cultural Icon, Paul Heyer (2012) Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger, 211 pp., ISBN 978-0-313-39815-5, h/bk, $48.00   –   Alex Kuskis

Media Environments, Barry Vacker (ed.) (2010) San Diego, CA: Cognella, 546 pp., ISBN: 978-1935551348, p/bk, $142.50   –   John Blewitt

Networked Reenactments: Stories Transdisciplinary Knowledges Tell, Katie King (2012) Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 392 pp., ISBN: 978-0822350729, p/bk, $25.95   –   Meghan Dougherty

Note: Abstracts & pdfs of articles for Volume 12, Issue 1-2 can be found at http://tinyurl.com/qzdehyj 

 EME VOLUME 12 ISSUE 3-4     –     Table of Contents

Special Section: Probing the boundaries of Media Ecology


Guest editors Robert C. MacDougall, Peter Zhang, and Robert K. Logan

Mind and media: Exploring the Freud-McLuhan connection   –   Adriana Braga and Robert K. Logan

Georg Simmel as unrecognized media ecologist   –   Corey Anton

The ecological approach of J.~J. Gibson   –   Robert C. MacDougall

Gregory Bateson and Paul Watzlawick: From the ecology of mind to the pragmatics of media ecology   –   Lance Strate

Things come in fours: Comparing Marshall McLuhan s Tetrad and Claude L vi-Strauss s Canonical Formula   –   Robert K. Blechman

Silvan Tomkins as media ecologist   –   Phil Rose

Foucault and Heidegger on mediation and subjectivity   –   Blake Seidenshaw

Media ecology and techno-ethics in Paul Virilio   –   Peter Zhang

Opening the media-ecological black box of Latour   –   Yoni Van Den Eede

Media ecology, the biology of Stuart Kauffman and Terrence Deacon s Incomplete Nature: Much Ado About Nothing   –   Robert K. Logan


Political sex scandal as an outgrowth of television culture: Moving the phenomenon beyond its sensational roots   –   Hinda Mandell

Hyper-capitalism, not the medium, is the message: Communication technologies and culture   –   Flora Keshishian

Book Reviews

Understanding Jacques Ellul, Jeffrey P. Greeman, Read Mercer Schuchardt and Noah J. Toly (2012) Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 174 pp., ISBN: 978-1610974318, p/bk, $21.00   –   Arthur Hunt

Oral Tradition and the Internet: Pathways of the Mind, John Foley Miles (2012) Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 312 pp., ISBN:-13: 978-0252078699, p/bk, $27.00   –   Frank Dance

On Media Memory: Collective Memory in a New Media Age, Oren Meyers, Motti Neiger and Eyal Zandberg (eds) (2011) New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 296 pp., ISBN: 978-0230275683, h/bk, $95.00   –   Brant Burkey

Note: Abstracts & pdfs of articles for Volume 12, Issue 3-4 can be found at http://tinyurl.com/q3g5zpf . 


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