Pages Festival + Conference 2014: Exploring the Evolving Word to Digital, Toronto


… or, as I call it, The Gutenberg Galaxy Disrupted …

Pages Festival and Conference 2014 Unbound

 Pages Festival + Conference: Unbound

Exploring the Evolving Word to Digital

March 13th-15th, 2014

 We are in the midst of the greatest transformation in cultural production and dissemination in centuries. The digital age has created a seismic shift, challenging the existing models of creation and distribution of artistic fare.

The Pages Festival + Conference embraces new technology and is proud to present the first of  multiple mixed media events that will combine the finest contemporary Canadian writers with practitioners from digital media and other art forms. Featuring multi-layered presentations at the Randolph Academy Theatre (736 Bathurst St.) as part of the Festival, and seminars, workshops and panel discussions on diverse topics as part of the Conference at the Tranzac Club (292 Brunswick Ave.), The Pages Festival + Conference is rapidly becoming the hub of conversation and buzz about the evolving word. 

The Conference part of the Festival will open on Friday 14th March, with a keynote by Bob Stein on “The Future of the Book is the Future of Society” at 9.00 am (see )

 Bob Stein in 2009

Bob Stein has been engaged with electronic publishing full-time since 1980, when he spent a year researching and writing a paper for Encyclopedia Britannica – “EB and the Intellectual Tools of the Future.”  In 1984 he founded The Criterion Collection, a critically acclaimed series of definitive films, which included the first supplementary sections and director commentaries and introduced the letterbox format. He also founded the Voyager Company, which in 1989 published one of the first commercial CD-ROMs, The CD Companion to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. In 1992 Voyager published the first electronic books, including Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park.

In 2004 The MacArthur Foundation provided a generous grant with which Stein founded the Institute for the Future of the Book, a small think & do tank aimed at exploring and influencing the evolution of new forms of intellectual expression. In 2005 the Institute published the first “networked books,” which were instrumental in the recognition of the important shift to social reading and writing as discourse moved from printed pages to networked screens. In late 2010 Stein founded a new company, SocialBook, Inc. with the ambitious goal of building the first viable post-print publishing platform.

This keynote will be followed by panel discussions on poetry, children’s books, graphic novels, self-publishing, educational and scholarly publishing, and film/drama.

Find more information about Bob Stein here full 3-day festival & conference program can be found at .

Bob Stein’s Voyager CD-ROM Publishing Company published the CD-ROM of “Understanding McLuhan” (1996) on “the ideas and life of media guru Marshall McLuhan”; it includes the complete texts of “Understanding Media” and “The Gutenberg Galaxy,” video clips, testimonials and search engines. You can view a demo video of it here .

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