Themed Journal Issue: Marshall McLuhan’s Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man @ 50



journal of visual culture
Indexed in 2012 Arts & Humanities Citation Index and 2012 Social Sciences Citation Index
 Table of Contents
April 2014; 13 (1)

Edited by: Raiford Guins

Volume 13 Number 1 April 2014

Raiford Guins

The Present Went This-A-Way: Marshall McLuhan’s Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man @ 50 – 3

Charles R Acland
Never Too Cool for School – 13

John Armitage
Terrorphone – 17

Ryan Bishop
I Sing the Senses Electric – 20

Jay David Bolter
McLuhan and the Legacy of Popular Modernism – 23

Antonio A Casilli
How to Talk about Media You Haven’t Understood – 26

Suzanne de Castell
Being T/here – 29

Richard Cavell
On the 50th Anniversary of Understanding Media – 33

Wendy Hui Kyong Chun
Marshall McLuhan: The First Cyberpunk Author? – 36

Edward Comor
McLuhan and World Affairs – 39

Wolfgang Ernst
Understanding Media Tempor(e)ality – 42

Gary Genosko
Electric Light – 45

W Terrence Gordon
By a Commodius Vicus: From Cliché to Archetype to Cliché – 48

Paolo Granata
Meta-Understanding Media: Marshalling Forms – 52

Richard Grusin
Mediation is the Message – 55

Erkki Huhtamo
A Menippean Satirist in the Rear View Mirror – 58

Derrick de Kerckhove
McLuhan’s Decalogue – 61

Peter Krapp
Reading for the Noise – 64

Elena Lamberti
Betrayals and Smells: On the Italian (Mis)Interpretation of Understanding Media – 67

Paul Levinson
The Kindle Arrives in Time and Makes Everyone a Publisher – 70

Henry Lowood
How I Ever Got to Teach a Course on McLuhan is Totally Amazing – 73

Peter Lunenfeld
Fanfare for the Antifan – 76

Lev Manovich
Software is the Message – 79

Janine Marchessault
Media Studies as Interdisciplinary Exploration – 82

Shannon Mattern
Embracing the Formalist Mantle – 85

WJT Mitchell
Marshall McLuhan Then and Now – 88

Jussi Parikka
McLuhan at Taksim Square – 91

Jeffrey T Schnapp
McLuhaste – 94

Marc Steinberg
McLuhan’s World, Or, Understanding Media in Japan – 97

Jonathan Sterne
Media Analysis Beyond Content – 100

William Uricchio
The Greatest Art Form of the Twentieth Century – 104

Caetlin Benson-Allott, Killer Tapes and Shattered Screens: Video Spectatorship from VHS to File Sharing
Reviewed by Brent Strang – 107

Erkki Huhtamo, Illusions in Motion: Media Archeology of the Moving Panorama and Related Spectacles
Reviewed by Brooke Belisle – 111

Cover: Reinterpretation of original design by Marget Larsen and Howard Gossage for the 1964 jacket of the 3rd printing of Understanding Media: The Extension of Man used with the support of the Estates of Marshall


Download the Editor’s Introduction (pdf) from

 Hardcover edition, 1964

 Signet paperback, 1966

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