McLuhan’s Wake (2003): The Video & Interviews



Kevin McMahon (Director). Michael McMahon and Kristina McLaughlin (Primitive Producers).
Gerry Flahive (NFB Producer). David Sobelman (Writer & Co-producer).
Montreal, PQ: Primitive Entertainment in co-production with the National Film Board of Canada in association with TVONTARIO, 2003.

As he lay dying on the last day of 1980, Marshall McLuhan had every reason to believe he would soon be forgotten. His ideas about technology and its role in society had been dismissed by many Western intellectuals and his beloved study centre at the University of Toronto had been closed. His books were not selling and the mass media, having built him up as the oracle of our times, had lost interest. Worst of all, a massive stroke, suffered earlier in the year, had rendered him mute.

It was a tragically perfect end for a misunderstood prophet: rich in pathos and irony. For CNN was born the year McLuhan died and the world would soon come to viscerally understand two of his most famous and puzzling aphorisms: “the Global Village” and “the medium is the message”.


All rights belong to Primitive Entertainment.

[April 5, 2018 – Unfortunately the original source for these is no longer there. If I ever find them again, I will update this page.]

Interviews: Somebody kindly published a collection of recorded interviews that were made for McLuhan’s Wake, with a number of people who were close to Marshall McLuhan, both family members and professional colleagues: Eric McLuhan, his eldest son; Philip Marchand, his first biographer; Corinne McLuhan, his wife; Edmund Carpenter, colleague and collaborator at University of Toronto; Frank Zingrone, university professor and colleague; Gerald O’Grady, professor and colleague; Lewis Lapham, magazine publisher, wrote an Introduction to the MIT edition of Understanding Media; Neil Postman, NYU professor and colleague; Patricia Bruckman, friend. Click on each title to listen to the audio or to download the audio file.

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