Trapped Light, A Documentary Media Project by Natalie Logan, Toronto



OpeningReception: May 29th, 6-9 pm. Exhibition continues until June 11th
Luff art + dialogue, 688 Richmond Street West, #202.
Gallery Hours: Wed-Sat, 1 – 5 pm, and by appointment.
Trapped Light is a documentary media project featuring a series of holograms and an interactive laser installation, which invites us to reflect on the nature of light as we understand it – as a wave and a particle, as poiesis and science.
Film Screening and Discussion on the Poetry of Physics with author and physicist Professor Robert K. Logan, PhD: June 11th, 6 – 9 pm.

Visible light, which represents only a tiny sliver within the electromagnetic spectrum, has been described in conflicting ways. According to quantum theory, it is experimental observation that causes light to manifest itself as either a particle or a wave. Thus, our current understanding of light introduces ambiguity to our notion of reality.

Trapped Light comprises a series of holograms and an interactive laser installation that explore our perception of and relationship to light and space. It seeks to visually express that which is not always perceptible to the naked eye, for which we need external media to represent that aspect of our reality. Holograms are created by wave interference from laser light, which is split between the object and the holographic emulsion. They allow us to see light frozen in time, representing the object without physical form. The laser installation, modeled after the Michelson Interferometer, projects a moving pattern of light caused by wave interference. It is affected by the smallest of movements, thus visually amplifying our own movement in the gallery space as an abstract light projection of dark and light fringes.

The interference seen in the laser projection and the figure-ground interaction, which takes place between the glass surface and the projected space of the holograms in Trapped Light, puts us in a paradoxical state where we can reflect on the nature of light as we understand it—as a wave and a particle, as poiesis and science. ( )

Artist Bio

Natalie Logan is an interdisciplinary artist who bridges her skills in various media to explore the subject of light. In addition to completing an Honours BA at the University of Toronto, she has studied with notable artists and collectives such as Paolo Soleri’s Arcosanti, Werner Herzog’s Rogue Film School, and the Photon League and Light Foundry holography labs. For the past three years, Natalie has been working with artists, designers and academics as a Research Assistant for OCAD University’s PHASE Lab as its primary holographer. She also works as a freelance photographer, cinematographer and editor. Some of her work can be seen at .

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