Marshall McLuhan 103rd Birthday Luncheon, July 21st, St. Michael’s College, Toronto


(Poster by Jana Jankovic, Emilie Charlebois, Julia Lefebvre & student helpers)

Dear Friends,

Monday, July 21 will be the 103rd anniversary of Marshall McLuhan’s birth. To mark the occasion, we are organizing an informal luncheon at St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto. 

This is an opportunity to reconnect with members of the McLuhan Legacy Network, which was started for the centenary celebrations of  2011; even if you weren’t a part of that group, but share an interest in the work and legacy of Marshall McLuhan, you are invited to attend. The luncheon will just be cafeteria food, in the Canada Room, which is the student cafeteria, and will cost you less than $10. The food is reasonable, essentially the same meals as are provided in St Mike’s faculty lunch room. The room might be a bit noisy, as the kids from St. Mike’s summer camp eat there as well. All other rooms were booked, but the catering facility has promised to place room dividers to dampen the sound. The kids will be gone by 1:30.

We will gather between 12: 30 and 12:45 to go through the cafeteria line and bring our trays to the very east end of the room, where there will be nine tables accommodating four persons each. We will eat in small groups of four and at 1:30 after the camp kids depart, we can have a group conversation. It is possible we might be able to visit the Coach House where McLuhan worked afterward. Dominique Scheffel-Dunand is trying to facilitate this with the iSchool.

As there are only 36 places, we can only guarantee a spot for lunch to the first 36 folks that RSVP to Bob Logan at Even if you can’t make it for lunch, feel free to join us after 1:30 for the conversation.

Follow this link to view a map showing the location of the Canada Room in Brennan Hall, which is immediately west of St. Basil’s Church (which is near the corner of Bay and St. Joseph Streets). The entrance to the Canada Room is at the southwest corner of Brennan Hall:,-79.3896374,18z .

   Brennan Hall

canadaroom   Canada Room

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