The Medium is the Massage: The Film (1967)


I posted a note on this blog about this film on August 14, 2011 (see ) with the  comments below:-


The Medium is the Massage – The book (1967)

All McLuhanists know the book by Marshall McLuhan and graphic designer Quentin Fiore titled The Medium is the Massage (1967) and most are familiar with the LP that came out around the same time with the same title. But I suspect that few are aware of the film that was distributed that same year (1967) by McGraw-Hill Education under the same title. The only public showing this 54 minute film appears to have had was on NBC TV, as the entry below from TV Guide indicates. I saw it at the New Museum located in the Bowery in New York City in August, 2011, viewing it on a 16 mm copy of the film loaned by the Pratt Institute, which was red with age and in deteriorating condition. It’s essential that someone preserve a copy of this valuable film and digitize it for the posterity for the insights it gives on Marshall McLuhan’s ideas and era.

Somebody must have read what I said, because the film has now been digitized and made available on YouTube. The time length of the film is just under 54 minutes. Most people will not have seen this film, which is well worth watching; in it McLuhan discusses the need for pattern recognition at a time when media communication is at the speed of light, among other ideas….Alex

Here’s the YouTube video, narrated by actor Edward Binns:

4 Responses to “The Medium is the Massage: The Film (1967)”

  1. 1 Michael McLuhan MPA

    Scott Boms has done this. He was supposed to put this up on our website!


  2. Good for you! But, today I picked it up here and it’s now on YouTube. I guess once something is published on the Internet, you’ve effectively lost control of it.


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