B.W. Powe’s New Book: Where Seas And Fables Meet: Parables, Aphorisms, Fragments, Thought


Cover Seas and Fables Meet

This is a powerful, beautiful book that blends parables, aphorisms, dreams, fantasies, ideas, anecdotes, witticisms, puns, vignettes, and prose poems in a meditative and often passionate way. It is a book that takes the risk of being free in its style and form, to affirm the possibilities of thought, spirit, heart, humour, and imagination. In Where Seas and Fables Meet, B.W. Powe gives us his boldest, most soul-revealing work to date.

Praise for his work:
“A soaring alchemical vision.” Pico Iyer
“An impassioned chronicler. His words seem to emanate fully formed from the cosmos… Ecstatic moments… hair-raising lines.” The Globe and Mail
“One of Canada’s leading cultural commentators.” The Toronto Star
“Like some latter-day Magellan, Powe has taken it upon himself to sail into turbulent waters, mapping out the hazards and the consequences.” The Montreal Gazette
“Invents something original—and often breathtaking.” The Ottawa Citizen
“Gloriously poetic…” The Vancouver Sun
“His writing burns off the page.” George Steiner
“His subtly textured themes affirm the importance of the romantic voice in these troubled times.” Canadian Literature
“Trenchant in [his] vision, and often rhapsodic… Powe adopts the stance of a rhetorician—a fitting stance… that involves in not only observation of the evidence but regard for the beauty of a sentence.” The National Post
“[Marshall McLuhan and Northrop Frye, Apocalypse and Alchemy] is a rich and subtly argued book that offers many first-hand insights.” Times Literary Supplement
“Way cool.” John Doyle
“A rare intellectual figure in the Canadian landscape….definitely in the same league with the Canadian giants of the twentieth century.” Francesco Guardiani

B.W. Powe

B.W. Powe is widely regarded as one of the original and unclassifiable authors in Canadian writing. He is the author of A Climate Charged (1984), The Solitary Outlaw (1987), A Tremendous Canada of Light (1995), Outage (1995), Light Onwards, Light Onwards (2003), The Unsaid Passing (2005), a finalist for the ReLit Prize, and These Shadows Remain.

 Where Seas and Fables Meet 

Guernica Editions  –  ISBN-13: 9781550719420  –  TPB $20  –  150 PAGES  –  Literary Fiction  –   Pub date: 1 March 2015

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  1. 1 cristina miranda de almeida

    Congratulations B. W. Powe for your new book!

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