Thus Spoke the Spectacle: A Multimedia Rock Music Critique of Our Media Ecology


THUS SPOKE THE SPECTACLE deconstructs and reconfigures the massive onslaught of news, advertising, politics and entertainment into an edgy and highly entertaining transmedia rock experience. Original music, spoken word vocals, video and lights combine to tell the story of “the spectacle”: a worldview come to life as a veil over reality, as the lens through which most people view and interpret the world. The spectacle speaks to us every day of our lives. THUS SPOKE THE SPECTACLE shows you what it says.



Thus Spoke The Spectacle – TRAILER from Thus Spoke the Spectacle on Vimeo.


THUS SPOKE THE SPECTACLE is simply one of the most intelligent attempts to resurrect public discourse on the sorry state of our mass mediated culture that I have ever seen. And the music rocks, too.” — Peter K Fallon, Professor of Media Studies, Roosevelt University

“This collection of video clips brings to light a problem plaguing our race. So many of us believe the spectacle is reality, we deny ourselves the right to think on our own, outside the spectacle. I really enjoy and appreciate what you are doing with THUS SPOKE THE SPECTACLE.”— David Burkett, Grand Valley State University

THUS SPOKE THE SPECTACLE is rooted in classic critiques of modernity and mass culture from Nieztsche to Mumford to McLuhan to Debord to Chomsky. In conjunction with these texts, THUS SPOKE THE SPECTACLE raises particularly interesting questions that can be followed up in the classroom. Particularly, students can evaluate the show’s attempt to use the methods of the spectacle to critique the ‘society of the spectacle’—can the master’s tools be used to tear down the master’s house? Is the message separate from the medium? This is rock and roll that might get people to read a book—think about exactly how rare that is.” — Kurt A. Jordan, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Cornell University

“Media criticism should not be limited to print or text in this multi-mode media era, and THUS SPOKE THE SPECTACLE provides a model of multimedia media criticism that is outstandingly effective and relevant.” — Alex Kuskis, School of Professional Studies, Gonzaga University

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