Videos of McLuminations 15, Berlin: – Quest for Identity in the Global Village


McLuminations 15.1

Featuring Professor Elfriede Fürsich (FU Berlin) & Professor Mark Wolfe (University of  Calgary)

The Marshall McLuhan Salon of the Embassy of Canada presented a new edition of the discussion series McLuminations with Baruch Gottlieb and Steffi Winkler.

In the early 1960s McLuhan sensed the upcoming of a “global village“ as one of the big effects of the new electronic media. This idea of  a technological change fostering a social change he prefigured as a “retribalized society“  interacting within a “group consciousness“, participating in a “seamless web of interdependence“. Being essentially aware and concerned with the others was “a natural product of circuitry“ for McLuhan. So simultaneously with a common “spectator mentality“ the “feedback“ of one’s own appeal to the audience stimulates to establish an identity by merging with group or even corporate roles. Individualistic self-definition turns out as illusion in such a field of complete interrelations. Still, for McLuhan the global village makes more discontinuity, more diversity and maximum disagreement inevitable but also creative dialogue.

McLuminations, a special series of video discussion events

Initiated and directed by Baruch Gottlieb as a special series of events during the McLuhan Centennial Year 2011, McLuminations aims to elaborate in a form of lively discussions the electronic media experience. It employs archival video material of Marshall McLuhan in attempts to articulate the contours of what McLuhan calls the “in depth” participation of the inhabitants of an instantaneous electronic media environment.

McLuminations I: Outerings about the “Global Village”  –  McLuhan Salon, Embassy of Canada in Berlin

McLuminations II: Outerings about the “Global Village”  –  McLuhan Salon, Embassy of Canada in Berlin

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