Announcing the Formation of the Walter J. Ong Society


Walter Ong, SJ (1912 – 2003)

Mission: The Walter J. Ong Society (WJOSOC) was founded February 8, 2014 at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA by a group of scholars interested in fostering scholarship about, with, and like that of Walter Ong, SJ (1912 – 2003).

For over 70 years, Fr. Ong studied, taught and published about a wide range of cultural and historical matters from the perspectives of many disciplines including literary criticism, the history of ideas, the philosophy of the human person, theology and religious studies, media and  communication studies, technology, psychology, and language.

Fr. Ong’s legacy persists in the form of over 400 scholarly books and articles along with hundreds of additional unpublished papers. In his long career, he developed a skilled and nuanced interdisciplinary approach that serves as an excellent model for both specialized and integrative scholarly work.

The Walter J. Ong Society seeks to extend Ong’s legacy by providing resources to foster global interdisciplinary scholarship and by facilitating conversation and collaboration among scholars, including students and younger scholars.

Interim Board of Directors:

To become a member of the Walter J. Ong Society, please go to:


“I’m interested in language because it’s the meeting ground of… process and structure… People in English label me philosophical. The people in philosophy seem to feel I’m philosophical but I think some of them tend to resent me because I don’t do it the way some of them do. I’m constantly being misclassified. Or I’m asked to classify myself and I don’t know how. Some people think I’m an anthropologist or a sociologist or a philosopher or a theologian. Occasionally, a professor of French. In principle, I’m a professor of English, but in my own way. I don’t particularly see why a person has to first classify himself and then do something. I’ve been told I teach and practice Onglish.” – Walter J. Ong                   

[Walter Ong]

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