Invitation to Marshall McLuhan’s 104th Birthday Luncheon, St. Michael’s College, Toronto


With the Pan American Games currently on in Toronto and surrounding areas, we remember that Marshall McLuhan was both a sailing enthusiast, as well as a rower. Here he is in his Cambridge University Rowing jacket:


Marshall McLuhan, 1973. Photograph: Mohan Juneja

Tuesday, July 21 will be the 104th anniversary of Marshall McLuhan’s birth. To mark the occasion we are organizing at St. Michael’s College a luncheon just like the one last year. It will be nothing fancy, just an excuse to get together and talk about the McLuhan Legacy among the members of the McLuhan community. Lunch can be purchased in the Canada Room, the student cafeteria, and will cost you less than $10. The food is reasonable and I have eaten it many times, as they serve the same meals in the St Mike’s faculty lunch room. The room will be fairly noisy, as the kids from St. Mike’s summer camp eat there as well, but we will eat our lunch in the Senior Common Room , easily accessed from the Canada Room. It is a quiet place where we can eat in peace and have a good conversation.

We will gather around 12:30,  go through the cafeteria line, and bring our trays to the Senior Common Room adjoining the Canada Room.
Please RSVP to Bob Logan at .
Here is a map of the St. Mike’s campus: . Walk north along Elmsley Place from St. Joseph Street, aka The McLuhan Way, and you will find the entrance to the Canada Room, located in  the southwest corner of Brennan Hall.


Professors Marshall McLuhan and  Donald Theall, St Michael's Campus, 1955 Marshall McLuhan (on the right) at St, Michael’s College

4 Responses to “Invitation to Marshall McLuhan’s 104th Birthday Luncheon, St. Michael’s College, Toronto”

  1. That’s Don Theall with MM… about 1957, I think (I’d have to look it up). When I acquired Don’s papers, I found the original newsletter it appeared in. – Bob Dobbs

  2. Yes, I thought it was, as I had seen that photo before. But I didn’t have time to check. Short guy, wasn’t he? Do you still have Don’s papers? Thanks, Bob………Alex

  3. Pity – they should be available to all researchers, from anywhere. But kudos to you for recognizing their value. Neither McLuhan’s own university, nor Theall’s several schools, including his last one, Trent, were thus perceptive. But, maybe you plan to sell or donate them to a worthy institution one day?…..Alex

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